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Congrats to our new Housing Director

Vanor, our newest Avlis Team member, will now be in charge of handling all requests for player housing. You can read more about this on the General Discussion forum.

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NWN: Interview with Derek French

LadiesOfNeverwinter.com has a Interview with Derek French, the NWN Live Team Producer.<p>Definately worth reading here: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ladiesofneverwinter.com/inte ... ew2.htm</a>

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Some Lost Applications

I noticed there were some Application Emails that were discarded because they were sent to a miss-spelled email address.<p>If you submitted an application, and haven't heard a response, please resend the email to <a href="mailto:avlis@blackdagger.com">avlis@blackdagger.com</a>.<p> Thanks

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