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Event Tuesday: Raid of the Sereg'wethrin Hideout

When: Tuesday 12/3/2002 8pm EST<p>Where: Starting at Equaloria Keep<p>What: Raid on the Sereg'wethrin Hideout<p>Who: M'Checkian Army and anyone who wishies to participate<p>Why: Recently, the M'Chekian army recieved some very specific intelligence on where the Sereg'wethrin Hideout. This raid is a direct result.<p>Why [

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And yet another new team member!

This time we welcome Brannor to the Avlis Team. Be prepared to see us get some serious coding done in addition to the workload Silk produces. Brannor has expressed interest in the crafting system, so you will be sure that great additions and improvements will come!

To give proper credit, the original basis of our crafting system was designed and wri [

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Another new team member! Alexandru Stanicu! Congrats!

Send your congratulations to our newest area builder, Alexandru Stanicu. You can look forwards to seeing a couple of his areas fairly soon on Avlis.

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