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The Avlis Team would like to announce the addition of

:cuinlove: :cuinlove: Korennya :cuinlove: :cuinlove:

Apprentice DM

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New Assist Staff member!

Please welcome:

:hug: :hug:

To the Assist DM side. She'll be helping us out; please watch for her on Discord!
Ambrosia, I am so glad the bribes of chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate worked.

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New Remort option - just the basics

New Remort option available!
If you're interested in remorting but not in items, gold, property and so forth, we've included a new remort option that will advance your new character with a few extra levels.

This remort option will let you retire multiple old characters and earn XP and/or a PrC for your new character so they ca [

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