New Avlis Haks Release August 2021 - Everyone Please Read!

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New Avlis Haks Release August 2021 - Everyone Please Read!

Post by Hamlet » Fri Jul 16, 2021 9:55 pm


Please visit the Avlis Wiki, re-download the following hak bundle & extract in your Neverwinter Nights/haks folder:
You will need these files in order to log in, starting first of week of August 2021. :)

Q: What changed?
A: avlis_ext_2_1a (new hak) replaces avlis_ext_2. It contains .2da files. Those are required player-side in order for bug fixes and other changes to work (eg. Spells, Traps).
avlis_ext_5 (modified hak) introduces more icons for items used in Avlis systems (eg. Cooking, Traps).

Q: This download overwrites my current avlis_ext_5 hak. Will that break something?
A: No. It merely adds custom icons for items which did not have them before.

Q: What about the old avlis_ext_2.hak? Will I need it when this change is live?
A: No. You can as well leave it there, it will do no harm.

Q: So you're versioning avlis_ext_2 but not avlis_ext_5. How come?
A: avlis_ext_5 content will be moved to a CoPaP hak soon. We're using it provisionally to store icons until then.


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