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Avlis Team news

Post by Ronan » Thu Mar 11, 2021 11:07 pm

Please welcome the following promotion to Assist Senior DM...
The very wonderful

Thank you Ambrosia, for everything you do--

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QA/Module Lead/PH
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Hamlet » Fri Mar 12, 2021 12:12 am

Every little thing she does is magic.

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Manuel the White » Fri Mar 12, 2021 1:24 am

Hell Yes.

Congratulations, wonderful lady!


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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Plethora » Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:03 am

woohoo! :wahreliebe:

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Join The Avlis Team!!

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by scaylz » Fri Mar 12, 2021 4:05 am

Congratulations! Terrific acknowledgement ent of the awesome job you do!
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by pallizard » Fri Mar 12, 2021 7:23 am

Awesomely deserved! congratulation!!

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by EvilKneevil » Fri Mar 12, 2021 7:34 am

:cooler: :cooler:
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Coco » Fri Mar 12, 2021 8:25 am

Wohoo!! Congratulations Ambrosia - great news!! :jump:

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by galen_macbyrne » Fri Mar 12, 2021 1:22 pm

Awesome! Way to go, Amby!
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Brian Deville » Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:30 pm

:prost: :cooler: :cooler:
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Ezekiel » Fri Mar 12, 2021 4:43 pm

Congratulations and well deserved!

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Darkfire » Fri Mar 12, 2021 5:05 pm

Like a boss! <[8)
CoEMF :devil: :feuer:
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Auriane » Fri Mar 12, 2021 6:10 pm

Truly Joyous news well deserved :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Calzier » Fri Mar 12, 2021 6:21 pm

:sauf: :cooler:

Congrats, Amby!

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Angel of Death » Fri Mar 12, 2021 7:03 pm

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by tizmo » Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:07 pm

Cheers! Well deserved :)

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Cameron Klym » Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:42 pm


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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Araelon » Sat Mar 13, 2021 12:50 am

Congrats! Very well deserved! :prost:

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Re: Avlis Team news

Post by Faeldridge » Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:53 pm


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