Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

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Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by gutemensch » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:12 am

~Fanfare and drums, cheers and shouts~

First Place

Second Place

Marie is just as colorful as a confounder should be! Befuzzling, confounding!

Four... sthath gud!

I will continue to miss all of Naren's PCs terribly, and those two have made the most impact on my PC this year.

Thomas Bosh was one of a kind. He shared information with all groups about plots, he engaged people to join in and always was patient when they did. He will be missed.

Julien Dark was becoming such a force, secretive, plotting, scheming, unliked even. I was looking forward to watching him progress.

Thaylis is always a solid character and fun to be around.

Boruek has been a bright spot in Avlis since I first met the grump.

Zerub is one of the best, even if you get spit upon occasionally.

Tor is a constant, a fixture of Avlis, and with good reason. He's great.

Fabello is welcoming and smart and entertaining. What more do you need?

Marie has made a splash in her return and the servers may never recover.

Thorfinn is another constant of Avlis. He is inclusive and welcomes newer characters into the fold easily. Another trait so needed on Avlis.

Four (Yaru Nefantir) is absolutely a gem. Everyone should take the time to speak with her.

Drogridoc is like an onion, in that he makes me cry. Just kidding, he is so layered even I do not know what he is up to most of the time.

Isa is the best sidekick ever!

Tor is another best sidekick ever!

Actually, if I could I would vote for everyone on the list ..they are all so good!

Thaylis, always a gentleman and a fierce fighter

Bourek, sneaky yet wise

Zerub, there truly is a soft interior under that hard shell

Korennya, A great leader, mentor, fun excellent Rp'er

Glorandrea Aersinith, crafty

Isabella Goodman, wonderfully fresh

Tor, truly a rock to stand on!

Julien Dark, I ran whenever he showed up he was that good!

Rhys'lryn Si'Vidicus, he holds his own in a crowd!

Rade, truly finds all the nooks and cranny's in a fight.

Fabello, fun, outgoing, and often seen practicing magic

Ghourr, Truly would love to see this character more.

Thurjj Briar-heart, I just want to dance when I see Thurjj

Marie, Wonderful to RP with Marie

Thorfinn Kiff, Funny character, though wise and I often look to him for leadership.

Four (Yaru Nefantir) Delightful to see.

Grace Dane, Truly is inspiring

Sha-ek Brug'tal, Interesting character.

Thomas Bosh, Wise beyond his years.

Drogridoc, Always good to see Drog!

Boruek! The number one reigning badass of Avlis! Never have I seen anyone work so meticulously behind the scenes to achieve his dark goals! No one can match the swing of his sword! No one can match his ruthless cunning! No one can touch the Champion of Grantir!!

Four (Yaru Nefantir) - A sibilant seeker of secrets that I can't help be intrigued by. A fantastic character that's come on leaps and bounds.

Marie - Confuzzled confuser with no other contender (apart from perhaps those Seaqualizers) She's an oldie but a goodie and has stuffed every moment I've played alongside her with bubbling enthusiasm.

Tor - I never connected (until now) that the name 'Tor' means a pile of rocks. How appropriate he stands atop one in zvid! May he stand there for another year!

Fabello - Always full of energy and fizz! I'm in awe of how deft their player is.

Kassha - (Is it nepotism to mention all the mages in your order?) Nahhh, Crash-a is a dream to play with, silly and serious sometimes even in the same breath. And who can't be amazed at the commitment to write about all the artificing Gemstones!

Julien Dark - what can I say that hasn't already been said about this awesome toon? RIP Naren. You were awesome, and I'm always going to be stuck with imagining how various shenanigans would have gone down with Julien involved in them.

Thomas Bosh - best Blue mage ever. And for this player not to have won RPOTY before is a travesty, so hopefully, this time, he will. It would be a fitting end to 2019. I'll miss every single one of this dude's guys.

Team side; I've never seen such awesomeness from a single guy who builds, codes, and DMs. Massive props to him for doing all this and running plots all at the same time. We're lucky to have him and I hope he knows it! Give this guy a pay rise! :)

Tizmo/Hamlet/Gorgon/Calzier/Vichan/Korennya - you guys are invisible heroes, the amount of work you all do behind the scenes, amazing.

Marie (Sterre) - sorry I didn't get to vote you in RPOTY, I always enjoy playing with Marie. There's always 2020. :)

Drogridoc - you rock, and knowing I owed uncle Drog, as well as other... shady halflings... money made me want to pay it back right away!

B - Like a stoic older bruv, this guy. I still don't know if I can truly trust him though. Always good fun mind!

Sha-ek Brug'tal - This guy cracks me up with his life coaching stuff. I love it.

I'm sure I'm forgetting folks, so just to everyone who plays Avlis and engages with others - thank you!

Marie, I love Marie, she is deliciously all over the place and just fun to be around.

Glorandrea Aersinith: quite simply the single most helpful character in avlis, she loves crafting and shares that love, she somehow runs a shop that must operate at a ruinish loss considering how often she just gives stuff away - I love her.

Mr. B haunts my nightmares. Plotting with him was a blast over the past year. The thought of him ever being an adversary has my scheming mind locked up with too many possibilities. Kiss up to him before he wins Avlis this year.

Four is such an adorable little spitfire! I don't know whether I want to punt her over a fence like a small dog or give her head pats and a treat instead. I'm interested to see where she takes one of the newer religions of Avlis.

Tor always deserves recognition. I can always trust him to be stoic, ready to help, and ready to fight. His rage is truly the sun which the Zvid parties orbit around.

I have always enjoyed to hang out with them.

Isabella Goodman because she is always a fun person to be around and you never know what she will say and do at times.

Grace Dane because I mean, who doesn't like Grace? Well maybe someone that doesn't like fiery redheads....maybe. Grace has always had a certain, presence about her for as long as I can remember. Always interesting encounters with her, and fun ones too.

Marie is that kind of PC that lures you into a plot with promises of hijinks and silliness and then helps you succeed in that plot with hijinx, silliness, and some very cunning RP.

I have to toss a pity vote to Fabello. Not because he is pitiful, far from it, but because he's been screwed by Jacob so many times that I feel bad. Also, the mirror laughs at him a lot.

Drogridoc inspired Abba song: Money money money. So much fun to play and have him in a fighting team.

Another year come and gone, a bit faster than the last, but it was still filled with great moments. Thanks to the Team, the Players, and even Deider, for a fantastic time! Y'all are the best!

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Plethora » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:33 am

Congratz both!! and thank you to everyone, for another fantastic year of RP !
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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Vacille » Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:56 am

Woohoo! Congratz you two! It really was a great year despite some things and I am always glad to spend it with everyone here.

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by dashdot » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:01 am

Wow wow wow! :shock:

Thank you for your lovely comments! And congratulations to Marie!

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Eef » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:47 am

Oh, you guys!

I've had such a blast with you, and I'm so glad I came back.


Congrats Four, and on to another year of awesome fun!


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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by pallizard » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:01 pm

Congratz to both of you !

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Primal Lotus » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:28 pm

Congratulations to you both; Well deserved!

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by ShadowViper » Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:31 pm

Congrats to you both well deserved. :cooler: :prost:
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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Tarken » Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:10 pm

Well done both of you. Congraz!!

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Hamlet » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:41 pm

Round of applause for the comment roll! :mrgreen:

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Blizzow » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:58 pm

Yay! Well deserved, congrats to you both!

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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Auriane » Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:01 pm

You both evoke such emotion! Congratulation to you both well done! :prost:
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Re: Role Player of the Year 2019 - The Results

Post by Cameron Klym » Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:12 am

Congratulations to you both , Marie and Four, and to everyone else mentioned or not mentioned in the comments.

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