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New Team: Assist Staff!

Post by Ronan » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:09 pm

Greetings Avlis Community,

As the years have gone by Avlis has offered additional customization options for players as time permits. These have included player housing, books, the remort and refresh programs, and a number of various requests. In order to better handle these requests, the Avlis Team has created a new team group, the Assist Staff, that will be on hand to help you get your player housing keys, help with problem solving issues, and more.

Our current assist Staff team is:
Angel of Death

How will this work?
You'll see a number of PM links in the Assist DM area changed over to suggest PM'ing the Assist Team for all Assist Team members. You'll be able to send inquiries and other requests to the Assist Staff members and we will get you in contact with an Event DM if they are better suited for the task. For specific plot-related inquiries or research, PM the appropriate DM in question instead; all other questions we are happy to answer.

Assist Staff members will be on discord or IRC to help you out with requests like player housing keys - Check there if your request is approved and we'll be happy to help whenever we're available.

I'd like to help out, too!
We would be glad to have some additional volunteers to the team. We're looking for trustworthy individuals with a mind for customer service. Please PM Ronan and I'll get in touch with you.

Please feel free to note them below.

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