Elenya's Singing Sword

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Elenya's Singing Sword

Post by Rain&Clouds » Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:43 pm

Elenya’s Singing Sword, the forgotten Great sword with a voice all its own. Created for a very special young lady known as Elenya Strix of Dar’Nar by the mad Gnomish inventor Iftanthantanilix of Deglos for services rendered to him.

Elenya herself has been departed for sometime now, but there are those that still remember her and her ways. This is her story and the story of her singing sword.

Her name is Elenya and she was the kidnapped child and sold to a human druid of Skern named Mariglena with the ideal of training her to maintain Mariglena’s grove after her death. During this time that Elenya was being trained by Mariglena in the ways of Skern and in the ways of nature. So that she would tend to the old lady’s grove in her death. Shortly into her training, Skern rejected her and Mariglena struck at her with her sickle; a wound that left a scar across her face that all would see.

Elenya left the grove at that moment and while there is nothing worse than a mad druid chasing you, there is nothing like an elf running and Elenya could run like no other elf. Was shortly later that she ran into a caravan and discovered that she was in fact in Drotid. She traveled with the caravan to Red Gate where she met her life time friends Miki and Nora Doubledagger and many adventures followed.

However, those are other stories for another time. This one is about a singing sword and how a certain young lady obtained it. Elenya had traveled around and now was more or less settling into life doing what Elenya does. When Miki went off to see to businesses aboard in Red Gate and with this one letter slipped under her inn door; Elenya had a task to see after.


I am Iftanthantanilix, a brilliant inventor in the image of Fegall!! And I have need of your services!!

We have a mutual friend in one Miki Doubledaggers, who has recommended you highly. I would ask him to perform this task himself, but as you know he is rather busy in Red Gate.

I am working on my latest invention, a powerful construct. While this work is super-duper-ultra-hyper-tippitytop-secret, I can tell you that it is for the good of gnomekind and that no weasels will be harmed in its production. And I can assure you that it has nothing, absolutely nothing at all, to do with churning butter.

Anyway, this construct requires some rather rare materials. I will need a box full of clear blue ice crystals. I will also need you to – steal is such an overused word, so let us say… er… take although it does not belong to you… a destructive totem of Verossa. I hear these can be found in her temple, though perhaps you could get one from someone who’s been there previously. I will also require ten burning kamas. And finally, the heart of my construct – which I must reiterate has nothing whatsoever to do with improved butter churning – must be made from the metal strips of a suit of heavily enchanted banded mail.

Now I am sure you are wondering what you will get in return for gathering these items for me. Know that I am an accomplished inventor! I will make for you something of your choosing! Miki has told me that he heard you are partial to burning swords…

If you wish to contact me you may send a messenger with a note to my Deglos workshop. Make sure he brings a fish.

Iftanthantanilix, the Greatest Inventor Ever whose Research has Nothing to do with Butter-Churning

After many notes, many fish sent them and great effort, which is only known to Elenya the tasks, was complete. She traveled to Deglos in search of Master Iftan to present him with what he had asked for. In return he took Elenya's sword and reforged it into the sword that became known as Elenya’s Singing Sword.

Through Elenya traveled all over the known lands, I knew her from her time in Elysia and from the few trips I had the honor of taking with her. Words do not do her justice but I shall try and tell the final chapter of her story and what became of the singing sword.

Elenya had settled down as much as an Elf could and Elysia was as good as any place for an elf. I first met Elenya as I sneaked out of Le’Or and started my new life. Needless to say I did not know of kindness of Elenya back then. So when she approached me and wanted to help out this shy and nervous elf, I ran and she chased. Needless to say I think we acted out a part of her childhood as she didn’t catch me and ran like the wind. It was sometime later that I was formally introduced to Elenya and even then her openness and helpfulness took me by surprise. I think I can honestly Elenya was truly one of kind when it came to helping people. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Elenya long as soon the last pages of her life were to be written.

Elysia was starting to be attacked in force from the surface and from below. During one of the most notable attacks, most due to a certain Half-Orc named Ed losing a cloak. Elenya final moments and that of the singing sword is only known to a few people and a few Warrior Maidens.

The Elf Gate was under attack by Titanian and Shaahesk forces from all directions as I remember and word came that a force was moving under the city from the underdark to engage us. Many of brave warriors and defenders ran to intercept them and save the city. One of these brave souls was Elenya, who told many a young defender to stay and guard the gate from counter-attacks. The battle that rage below the city of Elysia was grand. Elysia most heroic names defending their city against some of the best trained that Drotid had produced.

A second force was dispatched to provided relief and reinforce those as the battle had been shift to the tunnels under the Dracon Gate. It was there that the fighting was at its worse and many notable people were paying in blood for being such, but they would not give up the fight. The forces were by all accounts split with much confusion and fighting between them, as is the way of all major battles. It was during the reinforcement that a tragic turn of events happened; the roof collapsed within part of cave blocking some from linking up with the main force. Of these was Elenya who fought till she was over taken and fell in the slaughter that overtook those that were cut off.

I was in the third wave with a few younger Warrior Maidens and Lady Eloryn Yeritashemar leading us. We made our way down into the tunnels only to discover the horror that had been defeated in defense of Elysia. We counted over 200 bodies of the best trained lizardmen around the bodies of our fallen friends. Many of the fallen were able to be brought back with the help of prayer and faith but, sadly, Elenya was just not able to. Her body was shattered from all the blows she had sustained and if not for the sword not many would have known it was her that lay on the cave's floor. Maybe Dra’Nar felt her time was up, or maybe Elenya found the greatest dress shop in arborea; no one will ever know. Lady Eloryn gathered up Elenya belongings and stored them at the Maiden’s Keep.

In accordance with Elenya ways, over the years since her death her belongings have gone to those that need help. I think somewhere Elenya knows this and she smiles as her ways of helping those in need is still alive and well.

For decades this weapon sat in storage as no one was sure what to do with it. There were ideals for plaque to be placed at the spot where Elenya died saving her friends; with her sword as a marker. There was also the ideal of a shrine to all that defended O’Ma’s fey in the fairy gardens where her sword would sing to all that passed. All those plans fell through, as plans normally do.

The sword is still in the hands of the Maidens and for a certain Matron this acts as a reminder of lady that showed all great kindness and is to her a symbol of that kindness. Now and then a young elf maiden can be seen sprinting through the forest or up in the canopies carrying a great sword that sings with a voice all its own.

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