Horaga'hooseh - The Slayer of Darkness

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Horaga'hooseh - The Slayer of Darkness

Post by Rain&Clouds » Sat Jun 24, 2006 5:56 pm

Horaga'hooseh (The Slayer of Darkness) stands among the greatest longswords ever forged with the divine blessings of Dru'El. It was created at the same time as Le'Athyed'Dru'El and Eroohakeeshen'ath which is known to some as Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash, or the Spirit Land's Holy Trio of Weapons (or simply "The Triad").

The name Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash once referred to a set of jewelery which was to be made into a powerful holy weapon of Dru'El to counter the Orc Mages of the Great War. Through murder, treachery, and dark rituals the jewelry was stolen and corrupted by a Nanshi female who would be later be known as "The Demoness of the Underdark" or simply "The Mistress". The jewelry, which was to be used to help transform her soul into that of a demon and aid in her quest to dominate the Underdark became known as T'Karna Loash and was coveted by her.

Although many of the details of the story after this remain shrouded in secrecy, The Demoness was temporarily defeated and T'Karna Loash separated and hidden throughout Southern Avlis. They remained this way for many, many years until sometime during the war between T'Nanshi and M'Chek, the jewelry was found by three devout followers of Dru'El, one of which was Celedor "The Wretched" Dedwend. The Demoness could sense the artifacts had once again come together and with the forced help of Rhezoruntalizonious (a fearsome Ancient Amber Dragon and skilled necromancer), and powerful Vasharan slaves, relentlessly pursued T'Karna Loash.

It was at this time that a mysterious Nanshi male appeared and offered assistance to the hunted three in the form of an offer to bless their chosen weapons. At a secret altar to Dru'El, deep in the heart of the Spirit Land, Celedor was asked to give up the weapon that meant most to him. He offered up a simple well-balanced elven-crafted longsword he had bought long ago, when he first came to Le'Or'T'Nanshi to live. The Holy Weaponsmith, using gold, an exquisite emerald, and long forgotten secret prayers blessed the sword with divine and arcane nanshi magics.

At its "forging" it is said that green light came from the heavens and pierced the ceiling, illuminating the sword and the materials on the altar. The rays became brighter and brighter with the chanting until a brilliant flash briefly blinded all in attendance. When the divine light faded the longsword had transformed into Horaga'hooseh.

Horaga'hooseh is beautiful to behold and can only be wielded by a priest of the Elf Father. It is much lighter in weight than it's appearance suggests and the blade, which is unique in shape, dances with a holy aura when drawn from its sheath. Where the blade, hilt, and pommel meet is set a glowing emerald. The jewel bathes everything that surrounds it in a pale green glow, reminding all that Dru'El is watching over them. Etched into the handle in Nanshilae are written the words "May the Divine Light of Dru'El guide your soul in whatever darkness you encounter."

Although enchanted to cut and pierce through the toughest protections, it bites especially deep into demons and other outsiders with a divine fury. Two small spiking flares, one on each side of the cutting edge, inflict grievous ripping wounds when drawn in a slashing motion across a foe.

After the forging was complete it was used with the other weapons of the sacred trio to defeat The Demoness, her servants Rhezoruntalizonious and Rhekulplelontalixinteronious, and her armies of vasharan, demons, and undeath in many struggles that lasted for years.

Since it came into Celedor's possession, Horaga'hooseh has been revered and is seen almost always strung to his belt or back. He has proudly used the longsword throughout the lands of Avlis to spread the will of the Elf Father but usually only reveals its glowing blade peacefully to close friends or with considerable martial skill to unfortunate enemies. Celedor is known to be a formidable battle priest and Horaga'hooseh has certainly been the last thing that countless evil beings have seen on this plane.

When the Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash are brought together by the close bonds of friendship that their wielders share, few can challenge or hope to withstand their divinely-granted powers.

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