The Sword of Fury

Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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The Sword of Fury

Post by Rain&Clouds » Tue May 30, 2006 7:03 am

The Sword of Fury is but one among many of the weapons wielded by the god of battle-rage, Ra-Ghul when he walked the world of men, mortal hero of Tyedu as he once was.
How this was once broken still remains a mystery, but as fate and happenstance willed it, it was once again to unleash fury relentless on the surface of our world.

Resembling some of its former glory, the Sword of Fury still contains an awe striking power. Its ever pulsating essence of primal fury is evident to all who is near. The faint sound of an ever-present battle song seems audible when its wielded in battle, and the crackling force of natures elements empowers the jagged two-handed blade. The red glow of power emanating from the blade makes it obvious that this indeed is a Godsblade.

Recent history:

In the year 2157, when the enmity between Man and Elf was still strong in many of the southern lands, a gods name could be heard travelling with the wind. Heard by some, this northern god of War struck the heart of a few with his call. Among those was a young man, nicknamed Whisper for reasons obvious to those who saw him muttering to himself in the Docks and Market of Mikona. Born Tyeduan, he had tried to conform to the “rigid” ways of law and order of Mikona and M’Chek, though not too successful, he had though managed not to become an outright murderer or bandit.
This man, who had fallen astray in his adolescence, seemed to welcome the call of a god of his homeland with a sudden change in his behaviour. He seemed as struck by lightning, and as the Avatar of his god stood before him the seed of fury within him burst aflame. His path was now his destiny. To fulfil the wishes of a god, his liege and patron henceforth.

He began to spread the word and knowledge of this god of War, that many should soon come to know both by name and repute. This led to many a battle, where fury untamed found its release, and that for more and more as people began to embrace the gods call. Several discussions about faith and battle led to make people know, and some respect and revere this northern god of War.

The first piece of a broken blade:

One of these discussions was held near the gates to Deglos in T’Nanshi. Among the present was besides Whisper, two devout Gorethites. Hert Snyder and Trenton Renil. Surprisingly these two honourable Paladins showed not the common disdain for a god of free willed and untamed warfare as many others of Gorethars faith had previously shown. Rather they showed great wisdom and interest in Ra-Ghul, thereby learning more of a faith with opposing ideals than their own.

After hours of discussion of faith, Hert Snyder recalled he had once stumbled upon a hilt of a broken sword of Ra-Ghul, still with some magical power within. Needless to say Whisper was both very grateful and honoured, when Hert offered him to visit their holy place in Le’Or capitol district, to get this hilt. Once in the hands of Whisper, he felt the sensation washing over him, resembling the day Ra-Ghuls avatar stood before him. At this point Whisper knew what he had to do. Reforge the broken blade of his god. Thankful for this gift, Whisper would from that day on view many a Gorethite in a different light.

The gathering of knowledge:

Over the course of the years to come he would, besides amassing the faithful and spreading the word of Ra-Ghul, search for signs, omens and knowledge leading him onto how he could remake his Godsblade.

He told the faithful to aid him in this quest, and felt that his god favoured him, and the day would come when the faith in the south was strong enough. Thus he sought out the famous author of the chronicles, Avlis History, Hilde Meyldur. The Lorewarden of Vorin. She examined the hilt and sought out the bits of ancient history she could find about this blade of this god of Battle-fury.
She aided him enough to stay focused on the remaking, and it inspired others of the faith to do the same. Among those was the, at the time, half crazed brother in faith, Kalgar Darthvord.
As it came to pass, fate willed Kalgar to receive valuable information from and unexpected source. The hag living in the hidden valley of Cor’Vallen seemed to have a keen eye for his innate furious charms, and with that he seemed to make her spill every noteworthy information she had about the Sword of Fury. – This aided both in their belief that this could indeed end successful, and thus Whisper began his search for the pure Essence of Fury, determined that such would be needed in the forging, skilled alchemist as he was.

The journey to Ysgard and back:

A journey that should bring both many a faithful and AKN masters, as well as renowned Ashen Mages to the Plane of Ysgard and back. The approach was that from an alchemists viewpoint, and added with that of the furious of the faith, that had grown stronger by the day.
Rituals and experiments was commenced in Ferrell, aided by many of some reputation. Among those can be mentioned Ancalopyk Mistalyris, Sinomi Sii, Bragir Huginstunge, Robert Wallace, Airinn Mal'vaers'il, Lady Divinia Cecil, Char’jer, Missy Flows and many others outside the faith.

The journey to Ysgard was aided by the Ashen mages ability to open a gate for a brief period in the depths of Deglos, at the Tower of Mortal Magic there. The task was to get both the blood of a valkyrie, the dust of an Einheriars armor, and the skulls of the fabled celestial lions. Besides these items who all held pieces of primal fury, several other intricate and rare components was needed to finalize the making of Fury’s essence.
This journey was one who would linger in the memory of the participants for quite some time thereafter. A journey onto a plane where endless battles were fought as far as one could see. And the joyous battle-songs could be heard, bellowed out by the furious warriors and beasts fighting one another. Many a sight astonished the small army of Ra-Ghuls faithful, AKN members, Ashen mages and friends alike. But what was a pleasant feeling soaring through them to Ra-Ghuls faithful, would prove disturbing to most of the others. - A sensation of raw fury that would never since be fully removed. - Here the fellowship fought the Valkyrie's, the Einheriars and the Celestial lions among many other foes, and found what they came for, and the journey back was at hand.

The crafting of the Essence of Fury:

People and faithful came from afar, aiding in the ritualistic process of this most taxing and difficult experiment of high Alchemy. Made near the Ferrell Fair, the makings ensued and ended up in almost all breathable air being, sucked into the binding of these reagents of power. As almost creating a vacuum, the very air of whole Ferrell was soaked with primal essence of fury, sensible to all several days after the massive explosion the makings of the essence created.

Several of the bystanders, alchemists and faithful alike, was struck to the ground bleeding with the sheer elemental outburst of the explosion. But the Essence of Fury was made.

The next step was to follow the lead of the hag of Cor’Vallen. Who by the promise of cuddling and kisses from Kalgar, led both him and Whisper to a coastal cave filled with sea hags and greater Medusa’s. There they found several pieces and items of faith, blessed in the name of Ra-Ghul, and the brothers was so pleased they began to fight each other. After getting a few scratches they called out Ra-Ghuls name, and knew now the goal was close.

The crafting of the hilt, and the forging process:

Whisper knew he’d have to find both a renowned and very capable mage, and a master smith to aid in the remaking of the Godsblade. The mage who came into mind was one who had left a lasting impression several times, as he had lived in Mikona for long. The renowned and fair Grace Dane-Unuldur, wife of the just as famous owner of Enchanted Exotics, Morran Unuldur.
Whisper sought her out and told her of his quest and pledged for her to aid with her arcane knowledge and insight, and as well with what possible contacts she would have to any master smith. Seemingly very interested in the reforging of this sword she accepted, and told Whisper that the famous noble of Mikona, Lord Ayren Millen was unsurpassed in both intricate artworks of jewellery and blacksmithing as well.
Whisper met with Ayren Millen to discuss the creation of the hilt, and was told to collect and make several things of both expensive and rare nature, since a hilt for a Godsblade needed to be made of the best possible materials. Whisper sought out the help of his faithful, and the items was either collected or made. And the making of the hilt could begin. Aided by Morran, Grace and Whisper as by-standing assistants Ayren Millen made a masterfully crafted hilt, befitting a Relic of a God. Intertwining dragons with red glowing eyes adorned this hilt, looking as if they’d been alive and shrunk to fit this hilt of the coming blade of fury.

Grace’s knowledge of the process of the swords forging, and where it needed be made would prove invaluable, as the insight she was able to gain would never had been accessible to Whisper. - The nest task of the faithful, as far as Grace could tell them, was to locate a sacred area blessed by their god. - To find their holy grounds and remake the sword there. If not, they would fail. Besides she was able to reveal the process of the making, and the ritual needed to the shaman of the faith, Sable the White.

Learning of the rite of the Forging:

Whisper sought out Sable for her insight and auguries about these holy grounds, and was told a ritual involving all the faithful they could muster needed be made. And a special draught made of mushrooms and bloodfury crystals was needed too, imbibed by all present. - This to open both mind and spirit to the visions of their god. The ritual stripped their souls from their bodies, and they travelled to the planes beyond, suddenly engaged in furious battles and finally standing before a massive emissary of Ra-Ghul. He told them that he’d answer three questions and hence led the search to the city of mages, beyond the caverns of the small blue and fierce warriors, to find the lost Valley of Fireflies.
Here they would find the Temple of Fury, and prove their worth. This journey would prove full of both battle and fury untamed, through the vast caves of mt. Crescetoria. Aided by the well travelled and very capable scout and warrior Morran Unuldur, the faithful reached the Caverns of Fury where they fought battles with denizens of the outer planes, to prove their worth. And the way previously sealed was now open. The temple of Fury was entered.

The faithful were met by a shaman, who seemed as frozen in time, eyes revealing wisdom of ages lost in the sands of time. He welcomed them and said the foretelling was now to come true. The Sword of Fury would once more sing in battles of Avlis.
Blood of many faithful heroes was shed to empower the ritual, and Sable instructed all to do what was required. The magical blessed items, the Essence of Fury, the masterwork hilt, the broken remnant of the former blade and the blood was placed amidst the center of the temple. - Overseen by the Huge Dragons of Fury standing ever vigilant overseeing the temple proper.
To finalize the ritual a battle needed be fought by Whisper, and the priest of ancient days. No weapons or armor, just the release of all the primal fury within they were able to muster. – And a battle ensued that caught the attention of Ra-Ghul. The ground began to shake and the air was filled with all the elements of nature, as the roar of their god tore through the temple…
Arcane and divine energies seemed to collide in a massive implosion in the center of the temple as the shaman fell at Whispers hands, and a twirl of immense energy began to form a blade out of the reagents neatly placed.

The Sword of Fury was remade.

Many an enemy has since then witnessed the blades raw power as the last thing they saw, hearing the name “Ra-Ghul” cried out..
It has again battled many a fierce and powerful beast. - From the Amber Dragons of Deglos, The infamous, but furious Twoface, leader of the Deglos trolls to several Sereg’wethrin, Crescetorian Ice Giants and more.. But there will be many battles for this Godsblade to come, and legend will be written with its name.

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