Le'Athyed'Dru'El - The Wrathful Hand of Dru'El

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Le'Athyed'Dru'El - The Wrathful Hand of Dru'El

Post by Rain&Clouds » Wed Jan 25, 2006 1:22 am

Le'Athyed'Dru'El (The Wrathful Hand of Dru'El) is perhaps one of the mightiest war hammers ever forged with the divine blessings of Dru'El. It was created at the same time as Horaga'hooseh and Eroohakeeshen'ath. The origins of this war hammer stem to an early morning day where Thorfinn Hausselkiff purchased a minorly enchanted but well crafted war hammer from the Avlis Arms and Armor Association, the 4A. It is unknown who actually crafted the original hammer as it was a 4A standard, fairly plain looking hammer, that felt rather cool to the touch. Thorfinn was looking for a backup weapon to his longsword.. something to "experiment with". It can be said that a blade is more graceful.. cleaner, but sometimes, landing a single, bone-shattering blow has its own appeal. However, repeated experimental use against the hostile creatures of the world revealed its favored use. From a crazy mage's constructs towered away in Ferrell, to powerful elementals lurking in the dark places of Deglos, to the creatures of Zevarion, unlife issuing forth from the ruins of Zelvan Dur.. these were just a few of the things to fall under this seemingly ordinary hammer.


During the time of the Great War, T'Nanshi commissioned a powerful weapon, a set of jewelry, to counter the the spreading darkness of the Orc armies from the North. Priests blessed this enchanted jewelry with the powers of Dru'El, creating what was known as "Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash" or the Spirit Land's Holy Trio (or simply "The Triad"). However, a Nanshi sorceress of exceptional beauty stole Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash through deceit and murder. Intent on dominating the Underdark, this Nanshi female, known later as the "Demoness" or "The Mistress" twisted the Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash into T'Karna Loash ("The Forsaken Three") for her dark purposes. Though many details of this story are obscure and well hidden, it is known that the Demoness was temporarily defeated and T'Karna Loash was separated and hidden throughout southern Avlis. Out of fear, all traces of T'Karna Loash were stripped from TNanshi's history.

2100 years passed. During the time of the war between T'Nanshi and M'chek, the jewelry was found by three followers of Dru'El, who carried a reputation for repeatedly finding their way into trouble. One of these was Thorfinn Hausselkiff. Sensing that the artifacts had once again come together, the Demoness, with the help of an Ancient Amber dragon named Rhezoruntalizonious, and powerful Vasharan slaves, relentlessly pursued T'Karna Loash.

On October 6th 2137, the "Day of Forging", a mysterious ghost elf with a pale green glow appeared and offered to assist the three friends in the form of remaking their weapons. His offer to remake the weapons in a style long since forgotten since the Great War was accepted and Thorfinn was asked to give up a weapon that he favored... one where his essence would be well entwined within it. To this, Thorfinn gave his well-worn and well-used war hammer that had served him faithfully over the years. Laid before him on an altar to Dru'El, the mysterious Nanshi spoke strange blessings and incantations over the hammer. It is said that as he spoke, the metal began to glow. As his strange incantations increased, the metal warped and bent, sending sparks and explosions streaming from the altar. A blinding light that can only be described as the power of Dru'El filled the air. When the light faded and the ritual finished, Le'Athyed'Dru'El was born.

For its size, Le'Athyed'Dru'El is uncharacteristically light, yet has been known to send demons and undead fleeing at its crushing blows. The massive head and handle are covered in powerful spikes making it difficult wield effectively without solid training. Although a powerful weapon in itself, it was forged to be especially deadly for all outsider creatures, capable of penetrating even the toughest. It carries no holy or elemental aura but is unmistakably a symbol of Dru'El's awesome power. The handle is adorned with beautifully etched Nanshilae words. Translated:

"Even in the pits of evil, when all hope is lost, trust in the strength of Dru'El, and by his hand may the enemies of light fail."

Since the day of its forging, Le'Athyed'Dru'El played a roll in the downfall and destruction of the near deified Demoness of the Underdark, her tortured servant-soul of Rhezoruntalizonious, a powerful necromantic dragon, and his brother Rhekulplelontalixinteronious, raised into undeath as a powerful dracolich. Thousands upon thousands of demons and undead creatures of the Demoness' army were crushed under the might of Le'Athyed'Dru'El.

Notably, Le'Athyed'Dru'El has also fought invading Shaahesk and Titanians during the Fairy War, defended the city of Le'Or'TNanshi from the undead armies of the demilich Lobera, felled hordes of undead during the days of the resealing of the Rift in the land of Ferrell, fought against the feared High Guards of Drahnul in Deglos, fended off Sereg'wethrin and powerful elementals during the great M'Chekian migration to Visimontium, and fought against the invading undead armies of Zaamon and Jaathanitas.

To this day, Thorfinn faithfully wields Le'Athyed'Dru'El throughout the lands of Avlis. When Le'Athyed'Dru'El, Horaga'hooseh and Eroohakeeshen'ath come together, wielded by the pure of heart, it is said no outsider can stand against them.

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