CothrochtFairboch - Justice Bringer

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CothrochtFairboch - Justice Bringer

Post by Rain&Clouds » Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:59 am

This large hammer is assumed to have been forged somewhere in the Seven Heavens for it was gifted to the dwarven High Paladin Thror Stormhammer by his Lord Gorethar. He received this mighty weapon for his diligence in cleansing unlife from Deglos and his refusal to back down from the powerful vampire lord, Dranuhl, on a few occasions. The weapon is enchanted to increase the wielder’s ability to strike ones foes, especially the undead, and bears a strong property of the divine, blasting those hit by it with the power of the Lord Gorethar upon connecting. The weapon had no name when it appeared in his hands, a gift from the heavens. Thror spent much time in prayer and meditation over the matter, and finally dubbed the hammer "CothrochtFairboch". This is its proper and dwarven name, translating to common as Justice Bringer.

Thror has since carried the weapon against the forces of evil in many battles and conflicts. It served him in the many battles occurring across Ferrell as undead from the fallen temple known as the Rift were raiding the surface, smiting many mummies, vampires, liches, dracoliches, and foul lifeblighters along the way. He also carried it into the Rift as it was closed, where it smote its fair share of the undeath that attacked from seemingly all directions.

It then played a role as Thror and others took on the heavy task of freeing the dwarven spirits from the Dwarven Quarters under the city of Mikona. CothrochtFairboch served to strike down the dracolich Draxithrax, who’d taken up residence in the Underdark beneath the Quarters. It accomplished this task twice, and was used to break apart the bones of the lich when it was felled, so as to weaken it and make it surprisingly simple to finish once its phylactery was broken and it reappeared (very weak from having its bones barely holding together). It was present as the Order of Gorethar performed a ceremony to free the spirits once and for all, serving Thror as a focus for sending his part of the prayers up to Gorethar’s ears.

CothrochtFairboch is a finely forged maul decorated with the colors of the Order of Gorethar. It's large hammerhead is adorned with gold and mithril while the handle is made of a dark blue metal. Engraved on each side of the maul-head are images of Gorethar’s Symbol (crossed hammer and sword in front of a shield) and the symbol of Clan Stormhammer (crossed warhammer and lightning bolt), respectively. The hammer consistently radiates a holy aura of the place in which it was forged.

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