The Blade of Confuzzlement

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The Blade of Confuzzlement

Post by Rain&Clouds » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:36 pm

On the day that Marie became a Confounder, this peculiar rapier, the Blade of Confuzzlement, was granted to her by the priest of Forian that administered the Test. At first glance it looks like something out of a joke shop: the blade is a green so bright it hurts to look at, with a pink sheen to it. The handle is very bright and colourful as well, mainly orange and yellow.

Closer inspection reveals that it is not a harmless toy, though. The blade is wickedly sharp, and when it strikes a target, it rings out with a clear tone at a quite painful pitch. When the blade is twirled quickly enough, it creates a flash of colours that may confuse the enemies. Marie delights in using this ability of the blade, and then standing back and watching the antics of the poor confused victims.

Marie always takes care to choose outfits that match the rapier in colorific brightness. This doesn't mean she only uses it as a fashion accessory, in the contrary, many a heroic deed has been fulfilled only thanks to this blade, like the extermination of the brownies who endangered her Fruity Punch supply, the eliminating of ruffians who blocked her way to the pub, and the educating of people who dare to call her Miss. She hardly ever misses with her rapier, after all.

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