The Murderblade

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The Murderblade

Post by Rain&Clouds » Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:48 pm

This sword, originally forged in Drotid, was gifted by a powerful boyar to the warrior Llyshra Dald for uniting the shaahesk nation with M’Chek in the war against T’Nanshi. At first, the sword bore a minor enchantment, and was treated with a mild poison that sapped the strength of those cut by it. Holding the sword made the wielder immune to the effects of poisons of any kind.

Llyshra served in the interests of the boyars for many years, supplying their forces with steel and rarer items, and they were greatly pleased. Under the skill of master smiths and group of priests, the sword was reforged in the venomous blood of a mighty coal dragon, making the blade sharper and the poison take on a deadly strength. Further, the blood ritual added a hunger to the sword: It began to feed off of the life of those it cut, adding strength to Llyshra as she used it, healing her as those around her fell. Many lives passed through the blade, both in the war against the elves, and in darker purposes. Soon the Murderblade would no longer suffer the touch of a good hand.

In the time following Drotid’s involvement in the M’Chek-T’Nanshi war, various boyars felt betrayed by M’Chek, and many assassins and Annihilators sought revenge against those in the south who had drawn them into the conflict. The deaths of these warriors under the Murderblade served to strengthen the sword, making its taste for blood grow, and its edge keener. The Murderblade remains in Llyshra’s possession.

The Murderblade is an exquisitely crafted greatsword of exceptional sharpness. The sturdy blade is that of dark steel with an oily luster bluish hue. Engraved on both sides of the blade is a design of a serpent-like sword surrounded by a tangle of brambles and thorns. A blocky letter L stamped into the blade near the hilt. The sword radiates an almost unholy feel, as it slowly draws the warmth and life from the living things that surround it.

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