Dre'ana's Love

Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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Dre'ana's Love

Post by amusedapathy » Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:02 pm

The forge was first discovered by Tila Moon Tiger and Anaria Blood Rose, Two followers of Dre'ana from Jerchan and both first daughters of their respective Archmisresses. The discovery of the forge should have been a happy occassion, a reason for celebration for all of Dre'ana's daughters, but mortal greed overcame Anaria and she took the forge for her own clan's use. Upon discovering her friend's betrayal, Tila rallied her sisters and set out to ensure the forge did not remain in Blood Rose hands. A bloody war that raged for thirty years and pitted sister against sister followed. It was after a particularly bloody battle that a long standing enemy of the Blood Rose clan chose to attack, the White Wolves; a clan of humans and Elves and despicable worshipers of Aarilax. The Blood Rose. weakened as they were, fought valiantly but were ultimately wiped out to the last man, woman and child.

The Forge was taken by the White Wolves and was lost to all for five hundred years, hidden deep within the earth of Avlis, in the shadowy realm known as the Underdark.

Many years later, a group of Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana discovered small crystals, hidden in piles of clothing, chests, in cushions of benches and in one particular case, a well. These crystals appeared with increasing regularity and, not knowing what to do with them, they kept them safe in the hopes that their purpose might one day become known to them.

Doria Lyonson, High Priestess of Dre'Ana for the southwestern part of Avlis was the first to discover what the crystals were, physical manifestations of faith in Dre'Ana, gifted to her daughters by the Goddess Herself. Upon further investigation the Warrior Maidens found out about the forge and the story of the Blood Rose clan. They began their search for the forge at once, discovering it's hiding place deep in the Underdark. They made plans to visit the forge and use it to create Dre'Ana's gifts to her daughters, the gathered the things they would need and waited for the time to be right.

It was in this period of preparation that Maleficent Moon Tiger, an ancient descendant of Tila, visited the the Warrior Maidens and recounted her tale, a story of heartbreak and terrible loss, the Warrior Maidens offered their aid and Maleficent thankfully accepted. With Maleficent's help the Warrior Maidens recovered the Hammer of Forging, created by Anaria's daughter Rosaria to be used with the forge. Maleficent bade the Warrior Maidens keep the hammer and use it when they visited the forge.

Maleficent also put the Maidens in contact with Kystia Fire Eagle, a great historian and keeper of lore, in the hope that they might learn more of the forge and the rituals needed to use it to it's full potential. The Warrior Maidens quickly attended a meeting with Kystia and learned much of the history of the forge and the part it played in the War that engulfed so many of their sisters all those years ago, when they had asked all the questions they could think of, Kystia asked of them a final boon, a prayer said in Dre'ana's name, a fitting accompaniment as Kystia traveled to Her side, a daughter of Dre'ana, to remain at Her side for all time.

Armed with their newfound wisdom the Warrior Maidens redoubled their efforts, striving long and hard to gather the materials they would need to attempt the forging. They gathered all that was needed in short order, but still the rituals that the forge required eluded them. It was Doria who provided the lead that would bring the Warrior Maidens that much clower to their goal, simple initials, V.N. a lasy that was cast out of the Blood Rose before their destruction, but one who had been present at an actual forging during her time with the clan.

Enlisting the help of Kystia's daughter Mariella, the Warrior Maidens discovered the woman's name, Vicellia Nir'ein and publicly invited her to visit them at their keep in Elysia. Vicellia, a nervous priestess of Dra'nar did visit the Warrior Maidens and provided details of the forging process and all the rituals needed to make Dre'ana's Holy gifts.

With the final piece of the puzzle in their grasp the Warrior Maidens were ready to make their journey to the forge and rescue it from the clutches of the evil White Wolves, the ancient enemies of the Blood Rose clan. They traveled deep into the Underdark battling their way through many dangers and countless creatures intent on their destruction to gain the forge and rescue it from the grasp of the White Wolves.

The forge remained in the Warrior Maiden's Keep in Elysia for one week while final preparations were made for the forging. during this time word was sent by the Fire Eagle clan that their camp in Visimontium had come under attack from the White Wolves forces. Setting out with all haste , the Warrior Maidens pushed deep into Deglos down into the intense heat close to the roots of the world. There they worked together to create Dre'ana's gifts, the majority of the Order holding the White Wolves at bay while four sisters; Archmistress Koryennya Erinfales, Lore Mistress Sher'Cha, Shield Maiden Pantera Macfadden and Divine Maiden Wee'faira, worked at the forge amidst the blistering heat to create four waepons, blessed with the grace of Dre'ana and to be wielded in Her name. Once the weapons were complete, these four rejoined their Sisters for a climactic battle with the White Wolves clan who, in their desperation had thrown the bulk of their forces against the Warrior Maiden position. The Warrior Maidens held their position against wave after wave of the Aarilaxian forces, annihilating them without mercy, justice paid for the blood of their sisters spilled hundreds of years previously.

When the Dust had settled and the wounded attended to, the Warrior Maidens of Dre'ana carried the forge back to their Keep in Elysia, where it rests to this day, a reminder of the Strength of their Sisterhood.


Dre'Ana's Love is carried by Lore Mistress Sher'Cha. These words are carved in elegant script along the supple blade, 'Through Sisterhood do we know Strength, in Faith we are Blessed.'

The cross guard is fashioned in the style of thorny vines, twisting across and around the blade, the ends of the guard are Jechran roses, all along the blade wrapping around the words carved there are more of the flowers, connected by vines adorned with short thorns.

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