Axiom of Justice

Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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Axiom of Justice

Post by Significant Owl » Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:15 pm

This golden falchion was originally fashioned by a dwarven white wizard by the name of Thorin Granitefist, who believed that the best defense was a skilled and spirited offense. Unfortunately for Thorin, the lich wizard Galanthrais disagreed rather sharply, and the blade went missing for several centuries after Thorin vanished in his pursuit of the lich. Much of the original power of the blade was siphoned off by Galanthrais in his attempt to attain demi lichdom, so much so that even the stalwart Sir Kale va'Blaire of the Blue Order of the Sky, who eventually defeated Galanthrais, gave up attempting to restore the blade's magic.

Recently this blade came under the ownership of Moderator Damar Ogdem, who with the help of the Demilich Ibrasis was able to restore a modicum of the blade's former powers, in order to present it to Kili Paltik as a reward for thwarting an Angadarian plot to flood the valley of Crescetoria with wild magic.

The blade served Kili for many years as a Falchion raining down devastating blows alongside her brethren in the Order of Gorethar and her cousins in the Deglos Brigade. Then, one faithful day while Kili was patrolling a local crypt near Nanshi Urbaz, Dranuhl’s minions fell upon her and after striking her down, ripped the blade from Kili’s lifeless hands and disappeared into the darkness of Deglos.

Dranuhl had his blacksmiths, clerics and wizards work tirelessly to reshape the Axiom into a sword more worthy of his skill. For weeks they slaved over forges, magical and dark incantations to forge the sword into a weapon worthy of their masters’ level of skill. Their efforts were mostly useless as they were stopped by the divine magic that was originally part of sword and the constant wielding of the sword by a cleric of Gorethar only strengthened its resiliency to their wiles. But he did not yield to the sword’s stubbornness, a trait he grew to love, he knew this blade would be his greatest weapon and may even replace the wicked blade at his side that had struck down many opponents. So on he pressed his smiths, clerics and wizards to finish the blade, but the harder they pressed the harder the blade pressed back against their work. Still no matter how hard the blade fought the work Dranuhl and his minions kept working on it day after day to hopefully completely turn the blade into a more suitable weapon, but alas that day would never come.

When a combined force struck at Dranuhls tower in a two pronged attack and scattered his forces to the winds, Kili, hoping to see and wield the Axiom one more time, was distraught that it wasn’t found among Dranuhl’s collection. Heartbroken that the sword she had come to know and trust was not there, Kili resigned herself to wielding whatever sword she could find and would start looking for a sword to replace the Axiom. Then one fateful day as Kili was on patrol in the caverns of Deglos a shadow appeared, the shadow was none other than General Jimbo Nomilon, commanding officer of the Deglosian Spiders, the eyes and ears of the military. The General spoke for a while with Kili before drawing forth a blade that had an eerie red glow about it, the General then presented the blade to Kili.

When Kili laid her hands upon the blade she knew it was the Axiom. Its grip the same as before and familiar to her right hand. Kili was a bit taken aback that the blade was different, instead of the large curve of a Falchion; it had the blade of a Bastard sword now. Kili could sense that the divine power that once intermingled within the sword was gone, but its magical power had increased due to the workings of Dranuhl’s smiths and acolytes. The blade a bit heavier than before, giving the blade the potential of making massive swings even deadlier. Intricate runes were laid upon the blade by Dranuhl’s clerics and wizards, a testament to their work, but also a testament to the stubbornness and willful hardheaded mentality of a dwarf.

Once again the Axiom of Justice has found itself in the hands of Kili Paltik. Stubborn to fault but truthful and valiant, the two of them together will long serve Gorethar as Defenders of the Faith, and Deglos as defenders of the dwarven ways.

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