Kurathene Falcon Feathers

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Kurathene Falcon Feathers

Post by SuzyQue » Mon Aug 28, 2006 11:09 pm


I have 17 bird feathers for sale. Why, you ask, do I bring up such foolness as bird feathers? Well, these are not just any bird feathers. They are Kurathene Falcon feathers! These birds are very rare and can only be found in 1 spot, that I know of.

If anyone would like to buy them please send me a message or write something below my original message. I will be checking this note often.
The innkeeper at the Roadhouse Inn will be collecting the messages for me.

Scince I have no idea how much these feathers are worth, I will sell them to the person that offers the most resonable price.

Lorisa Bross
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