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Armor for sale

Post by Seni » Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:46 am

Good citizens of Kuras, fellow warriors,

i am in possession of an exceptional piece of full plate armor, which is of no use for me anymore. Even though it served me well in many battles, it still shows no dents or other signs of attrition. For the price of 13.000 pieces of gold it will protect your life in battle far better than any common piece of armor. ((full plate +1)). Please leave a note at the Star of the Empire, Room 2.

Another item i wish to sell, which might be interesting for the more ..flexible adventurers among you, is Bido Bumbledum's Orb, a sphere which renders the holder and its surroundings completely invisible for a certain duration of time. ((Invisibility Sphere, Halfling only)) I'd accept 4.000 pieces of gold for this strange, yet useful, device.
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