Looking for ingredients / gatherers

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Looking for ingredients / gatherers

Post by Jazz » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:00 pm

I'm looking for several ingredients I am needing. I'm willing to pay:

Ettercap Silk Gland - 20 gp
Sheet of Silk - 100 gp

Bag of Cloth (35 pieces) - 500 gp
Bag of pieces of Leather (35 pieces) - 500 gp

Fire Potion - 100 gp
Vial of Acid - 50 gp

These prices are most generous and will be a good way for a young adventurer to make some good money.

Those who want to become a regular gatherer for me may expect extra rewards.

You can contact me throught the Blue Tower or the Swordmens Academy, room 3.

~ Vana
Senior Mage of Kuras,
Blue Order of the Sky
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