On the fly no editing screenshots.

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On the fly no editing screenshots.

Post by downsystem » Sun Nov 27, 2022 4:34 pm

I bought this program called Apeaksoft Screen Recorder but realized I couldn't load pictures to edit them afterward. It is handy because you can set a hotkey to open up and select specific areas to screenshot instead of the whole screen when using Windows Print Screen. I later found a free program called PicPick where you can do the same thing for the most part but also get the screen editor.

Here are the directions for setting up PicPick to work like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, so you can save some money.

1. Install PicPick
2. After the program starts up click 'options' on the 'about' page.
3. Click the 'General Tab' and set the 'default program' starting options to 'Floating Widget'.
4. Set 'Run PicPick when Windows Starts'
5. Select the 'Auto Save' tab and checkmark 'Automatically Save 'Images'. Don't set this if you don't want a bunch of unedited images in your folder. You can save them after editing the images later instead if you want.
6 Set the Default folder you want your screen captures to be saved to.
7. Select the 'Recording' tab.
9. Navigate to a folder to save your output files.
10. Turn off 'Record Mouse Cursor' if that is best for what you want to do. This may not work haven't tried it.
11. Select the 'Hot Keys' tab and set Hot Keys to ones that won't interfere with NWN hotkeys.
12. It maybe necessary to set the mode PicPick screen capture opens up in.
13. To do this 'Right Click' on PicPick Taskbar startup Icon
14. Select 'Screen Capture'
15. Select 'Region'
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