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Post by shayra thornberry » Sat May 14, 2016 3:18 pm

ok, so a friend of mine, who i'm cajoling into joining the fun of NWN, just set up a youtube channel called 'Blank Alias Gaming' for posting gaming videos, a collaborative effort of a bunch of friends who enjoy gaming together and gaming in general and want to share the experience. He's got a few videos up, like some beta runs of the new MOBA game 'Paragon', and I was thinking, hmmmm, this might be a cool place to put a video of a dungeon run from NWN and perhaps catch the interest of some other people to come give it a try :)

So, if anyone has the inclination to record a session to post, please let me know and i can consult the technomancers for details on how its done. I think he uses shadowplay from nvidia geforce experience which is very simple to use, but there are several ways to record a game video.

Also, its a brand new youtube channel just starting to grow and can use more subscribers, so please take a look and if you like what you see hit that subscribe button - its quick, free, and it'd be really appreciated!!

you'll find the youtube channel here: ... iI8WRS5CmQ

thanks! struldbruggian, player of shayra thornberry etc :wink:

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