Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 7 - 9

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 7 - 9

Post by Orleron » Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:08 pm

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 7

During this adventure, we had the addition of a couple more players. One was a human PC cleric of Angadar named Jehod, and the other was a centaur female bard named Epona, but they don't come in until about halfway through this adventure:

Leilina, Orleron, and Leviatha make it to the gates of Grantir, a huge fortress city of three levels.... an underground level, a ground level, and a tree level. After talking to the gate guards, they manage to get an audience with the catlike rogue Stephanus, the ruler of Grantir. After explaining to him that their friend Lotar was on his way to Grantir after stealing a major protective artifact back from Toostan, Stephanus immediately dispatched a band of granite dragons to intercept Lotar and make sure his pursuers from Toostan were not successful in stopping him.

Lotar, meanwhile, is hastily flying away from his pursuing dragons. A gold dragon seems to be gaining on him, and he flaps as hard as he can. Just then, on the horizon towards Grantir, appear a group of other large flying creatures. Lotar's bird form takes a huge poop after seeing that he is now caught between two groups of dragons, all coming towards him.

Then, he hears a voice in his head. It comes from one of the granite dragons headed his way. They inform him that they were sent by Stephanus to take out the good dragons pursuing him. He's relieved. Lotar flies on past the granite dragons who begin to lock into a heated battle with the gold and copper dragons that were in pursuit.

Upon reaching the gates of Grantir, Lotar is escorted up to where Stephanus and his friends are waiting. He debriefs everyone and gives the artifact to Stephanus, who rewards everyone with several interesting items. Among them are a glass shortsword for Leilina, to whom Stephanus seems to have adopted a paternal attitude, and a deck of many things for Lotar.

Soon after this, the converstation is interrupted when an Astral Deva teleports into the audience chamber. The deva draws its sword and takes a bag off of his belt and dumps it. About 15 Titanian fairies fall out of the bag, and attack. A battle breaks out right there.

After vanquishing these foes, Stephanus informs the party that this means the war between Toostan and Grantir has fully begun. He orders the entire city sealed off.

Meanwhile, the guest PC's who came into the game already knowing one another have heard of a serious conflict between the fairy races, the avariel, and the drangonari. Their mentor, a librarian of Vorin, has charged them to find out what the source of this is all about. Grantir was a good place for them to start, but they are specifically told not to get involved.

After arriving in Grantir, they start asking around. They find out that large groups of Titanian fairies have infiltrated Grantir. They've been using illusions to sneak in and pose as other races. The thieve's guilds of Grantir seem willing to help them find the fairies. Ultimately, the thieve's guilds are not in favor of the war, because it is bad for business, so the thieve's guilds want the Titanians in the city to be wiped out or neutralized.

The rest of the PC's are charged by Stephanus to stay inside the city and look for any resistances that might pop up during the beginning battles. Thus, they too started digging around and eventually met up with the other PC's who told them of the Titanian resistance that was already in place.

Supposedly, information was gained saying there would be an attack on the temple of Valok in Grantir on the lowest level. When the PC's found out the time of the attack, they were able to intercept it and defeat the fairies.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 8

All this time, Orleron had become steadily more disgusted with the actions of his "friends". Leviatha, being less religious, was not so upset, but Orleron was becoming very agitated. Finally, he had enough and he leaves Grantir and heads for Toostan to join their side of the battle. His faith crisis is almost too much to bear, but he believes even O'Ma may find a way to forgive him.

It takes him a day to get to Toostan.

Meanwhile, Stephanus informs the PC's that the real attacks on Toostan are beginning: he is sending out squads of dragon riders and airborne drangonari infantry against the avariel. The PC's are to take control of a dragon squad and lead it against Toostan.

Meanwhile, Orleron is told by the military leaders in Toostan that they are expecting dragon and airborne infantry attacks from Grantir. These attacks will be met wtih the same. Orleron is to be given a copper dragon mount to accompany one of their platoons out of the city towards Grantir to form a line in the sky to try to stop the drangonari advance.

All hell breaks loose.... Orleron's group makes its way to Grantir and encounters resistance along the way. The PC's group makes its way to Toostan and encounters heavy fighting too.

A journey that takes normally a day by foot and only an hour by air was unattainable after 8 hours of fighting. Bruised and beaten, both Orleron's group and the PC's group landed that night to make camp and recover before more fighting in the morning, where they would try to break through the lines. By this time, a few of the PC's dragons were already dead and they were doubling up on mounts.

That night Leilina has a dream.....

Jade appears to her. Funny, but she never really noticed how much Jade and her look alike until Jade pointed it out. Leilina never knew who her parents were. They had a long conversation and talked deeply. Leilina realized the truth: that Jade was her mother, and the was the granddaughter of a god!

Jade went on to explain that Leilina was born to the elven village where Jade first came to after making her way to the Prime. She married a man there, and on that fateful day when the village was destroyed, the man was killed, and so was Jade. The problem is that Jade is an extraplanar creature. When she dies, her body simply goes back to her home plane: Baator. From there, it can take her years to try to make her way back to the Prime to start a new life.... she can't stand it in the Hells, because she's really an elf, like her father and mother were. Being born on Baator was an unfortunate occurrance.

Nevertheless, she tells Leilina that she thinks this problem can be fixed. She needs Leilina to go to Toostan and contact Grux the baby dragon, who is still alive. Grux will know how to get them to Leilina. She tells Leilina that her part in the war between Grantir and Toostan is over... there's nothing more she can do because the fates of the cities are already sealed. She must leave. The dream ends.

Simultaneously, Jehod has a dream. He's sitting in camp by the fire. The dragons are sleeping around him, and their riders are sleeping near by. One of the dragons, however, is not like the others. In fact, he didn't remember it flying with him earlier. Even more strange, the dragon was a strange sandy color, not like sandstone, and it had no wings. It's features were more lizard-like.

Suddenly, that dragon looked at him and.... grinned at him cockily?? He realized then what it was: a manifestation of his god, Angadar. The dragon then spoke to him. Angadar told him who Leilina was... his granddaughter, and that she was currently in contact with her mother Jade. Jade wants to be rescued from Baator, but Angadar is not willing to let that happen. However, he would like to acquire possession of Leilina if possible. Soon, the party would be travelling to Baator, he informed Jehod. Jehod was to let them go, and to accompany them, and when the time came, Angadar would let him know what to do in order to secure Leilina and not let Jade escape.

Some of the PC's awoke during the middle of the night to see someone approaching the camp. It was Orleron. He was pleading with them to see reason. Leilina told him of the dream she just had, and said they were done with the war... they would leave it to the drangonari and avariel to slug it out. Orleron liked that idea very much and agreed to rejoin the party to find Jade.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 9

The notes from this adventure are lost. :( I do not know exacty what happened, but I can piece a bit of it together.

The PC's make it back to Toostan. They need to sneak into the city and meet with Grux. After talking with him, they learn that to get to Baator, they need to go through the planes, speciifically, a place called Sigil acts as a city with many portals to everywhere. Grux tells them how to get there.

The PC's set off on a journey out of Toostan to a portal, and eventually arrive in Sigil.
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