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Happy New Years News!

The Avlis Team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! and wishing everyone a wonderful and safe 2024 !

So great new to kick off the New Year, we start with a Promotion !

Major DM

:feuer: :feuer: :feuer: wootje! :feuer: :feuer: :feuer:

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Last Reindeer (Part IV: Le'Or) (closed)

In the early dawn, a pair of young bright-eyed Nanshi twins scramble down the ladder to the Summerleaf Farms, where the sunny break in the vast canopy of T'Nanshi is broken to streams of pink sunlight over the fields.

"I've got the berries today!" The younger (by 30 minutes) shouts as she scrambles to beat her elder to the edge of the forest.

"Li, LI [

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Hidden Reindeer (Part III: M'chek) (closed)

Derwin is in a sour mood. His younger cousin has come visiting from Elysia.

"Why do her parents lavish hers with all the cool toys? Ugh, she came here bragging about her brand new dress and her armored reindeer plush and her chocolates which she REFUSES to share. Ugh! And she lives in some lavish out of town manor with their little flower gardens an [

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