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Avlis HAS NOT updated to NWN:EE patch .35

Game Requirements for Avlis
Avlis uses the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) game, Release Version 8193.34.

In response to the Beamdog announcement of NWN:EE patch .35: Please note that Avlis is still using th [

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Team News!

The Avlis team has the following annoucements to make

First, please make welcome our latest minion DM..

Apprentice DM
:jump: :jump: Druid523 :jump: :jump:

A Promotion !!

Major DM
:feuer: : [

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And again!

The Avlis Team would like to announce the promotion of a favourite..

:hot2: :hot2: Minor DM :hot: :hot:


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