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The Found Reindeer (Part II: Ferrell: Closed)

It's early in the morning, the pink in the sky reflecting off the fluffy clouds as a young halfling scurries on bare feet about the farm. He has a big basket of already-picked berries and tsks at a stray chicken that's wandered too far from the comfort of its pen and peers.

"Tat tat, Rex! Old girl, you know the forest's not safe!"

The young hin chase [

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Stolen Reindeer? (Part I: Elysia: Closed)

In the heart of Elysia's warehouse district, a half-elf clad in a leather apron paces with an air of unease. His fingers intermittently trace the surface of a pristine crate adorned with a imprint portraying a regal deer. Soon, a older man, distinguished by frazzled white hair and a resplendent white mustache, enters the scene. A delicate sewing ne [

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Welcome back !

Minor DM

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