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I know it's quick, but a fast game is a good game!

Minor DM


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Avlis Development: The Next Chapter

The Avlis Creation Control Centre (CCC) and Player Housing (PH) present:

Avlis Development: The Next Chapter
Reporting to the CCC Lead, tizmo:

• CCC, Release Admin - PlasmaJohn

• CCC, QA Admin(s) - Caydo & Gorgon

Reporting to the Event DM Lead, Plethora:

• Player Housing Admin - Buddha

How to Contact the Team[/b [

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You're not going to believe this...

Myself and the Avlis team, would you to join us in welcoming the newest DM.
About time.

Apprentice DM


All shall Love him , and Despair!

:glaskugel: wootje! :glaskugel:

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