November 2019 RPotM Results

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November 2019 RPotM Results

Post by gutemensch » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:13 am

Thomas Bosh

Julien Dark

:prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost:

Julien Dark: An amazing character who is so much like his uncle, but still manages to be his own person. Also: nerf mages.
Thomas Bosh: Infuriating, pompous, ally, friend. I will miss both of them dearly. Two mages, who would have predicted that? And if artificing counts as crafting, a crafter to boot. Nerf crafting.

Mercutius Flux was a calm counterpoint to my hyperactive Confounder. They made a good team.

Carter Sane, best enabler ever.

Tig, best corn druid ever.

Ang logged in once more just to show me his lighthouse. Too bad we'll never have that last duel he promised me.

B (Boruek) is the fun kind of surly, even if he hates it when you point it out.

Kassha gives the best hugs and the best advice.

Four (Yaru Nefantir) ith thtill thuperior.

Alinee Blake is great, I am glad my character has found a friend in her.

Drog, still sneaky, still awesome, and hoods to infinity.

Amir Danolyan is fun, and even if the character insists on decorum, the player is not afraid to maneuver him into awkward situations.

Tamykh, silent and grouchy but worth getting to know.

Berry Mistbreeze, rightsized fun!

Julien Dark - much like his relative Lucien, this dude is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. My relatively few exchanges with this guy always left me with something to think on, of something more to talk about for our next encounter, or something to rage about! (ha) Knowing that the next encounter will never come now just breaks my heart, but thank you Naren, for all the good times. You will be missed.

Thomas Bosh - I had the pleasure to see this toon progress from wannabe mage, to initiate, to full mage, and finally to a great mage. His in-character posts to share plot information were always useful, and something I think we all can take something away from. He was such an organizer! His time and dedication to magery, even after being staunchly against mages for absolutely years (!!!) gave me something to strive towards for my own mage-y sorts.

Ang (Angus Blacksail) - this obnoxious jerk was an obnoxious DOER. But he was also multi-faceted and had so many layers to deal with before getting to the squishy center of him really being a simple M'Chekian lad who had made some (very bad) decisions and been influenced by some (very bad) people. He was so well portrayed, perhaps sometimes too well portrayed - he could be absolutely vicious. But always IC, and always adding drama, conflict, or some other sort of atmosphere to the scene. I'll miss not being able to try and make him a good guy. Or less of a bad guy. Or a bad good guy. Or just to kick his ass in CvC.

Lucien Dark - My first real run-in with any of mod's toons, and one that contributed to me sticking around for so long. The subtle emotes of the adjusting his cuff just so or coughing into his silken kerchief, or mannerisms of telling everyone 'gather close, just not too close, and above all do not touch me' were just awesome. He taught me a lot about roleplaying, and I still try to live up to the standards he set with all of his toons. He set the bar pretty high that's for sure.

Thiago Bloom - durn. I didn't play as much as I'd played with his other personalities, but in hindsight, we should have 'gotten' the many clues to not trust him with Important Business. Mad props for being able to portray this 'simple' farmer's boy and lover of corn.

Filch - I'm gonna miss this gobbo. His take on being the Keeper of the Mikona Lifestone, his outrageously silly comments and emotes... he cracked me up on more than one occasion.

Rade - she knows what she's done! Though I'm sorry her actions had to lead to a parting of the ways. It seems that this character has some serious history ... and serious issues ... to resolve, which is depicted pretty damn well in-character. I enjoyed our exchanges, no matter how vitriolic. Maybe one day I'll see her without her shivering, shaking withdrawals. But I won't hold my breath. :)

B - a strong silent type I always enjoy hanging out with, and he's one I still don't know as much as my toon would like to know - he's very good at keeping his secrets, maybe one day I'll be able to weedle some information out of him.

Amir - I usually am surprised every time I talk to Amir. Whilst I do take liberties with what my character assumes from ... various breadcrumbs and terribly timed encounters, the fact he plays along always makes me laugh. I also see great things ahead, so I'm looking forward to more from this guy.

Drogridoc - Drog is such a loyal dude, especially to his family - and he melted my cold icy heart this month with a gesture he was under no obligation to make. He's also such a stabby scary little guy with a lot to say if you give him the chance. I always enjoy running into him.

Mad props to Deider, again, what he does both in front and behind the curtain is incredible.

And major thanks to Pleth for the Elf Gate and Shadow Spire shenanigans - that was really above and beyond and gave my mind a little peace after hearing and having to share the news. Being able to share memories and simultaneous tears & laughs with others in an OOC way was a touching tribute that really helped at the time. So, thanks.

Thomas Bosh, as a tribute to a great player

Angus Blacksail, Vaako's mother will miss you and me too, you Blackhearted Bastard.

Julien Dark. I was so happy for my PC to have someone he could see as a rival. I'll never forget the fire Julien lit under his ass with his abrasiveness.

B, the most consistent character I've ever met.

There's really only one person I can vote for. Thank you for all the amazing moments.

Any character that Naren played was so amazing, so detailed, and absolutely fun to be around that they all deserve a vote for RPotM and a win for RPotY.

For Mod. One of if not the best roleplayers to ever log into our world.

Honorable mention to Lucien Dark. If you never had the experience of spending time with him then you missed out.

Four. Day in and day out, this character never fails to impress. A roleplaying rock, and a real fixture of Avlis.

Thiaggo Bloom. Tigg. or any multitude of this person's characters. But Tigg was the one I played with last. Just another unforgettable character played by an unforgettable roleplayer. I don't vote for one of his characters simply because he passed. But his passing does make me wish I'd voted sooner, or gotten to play with this beloved fellow oldie more often. I don't think I've ever voted for an RP'er of the month before. I always thought the idea of such a vote kind of silly. But the idea isn't to say " this person is a good rp'er, the rest of you suck", but rather to say "thank you" for helping to make this place more interesting and fun, and alive.

The many characters that Naren played in November. I think my vote speaks for itself.

At times when I am typing my votes for RPotM , I seem to get a mental block for characters that I would like to vote for and so because that is happening again, I vote for all the players and staff on Avlis because they both do a great job. I just wish a blanket vote like this could actually count for the votes when they get counted, but nevertheless I am still casting this vote for everyone because you all make my day seem a little bit brighter...and that even encludes you Deider. :D

Archibald and Thienna, a staple of Avlis and a damn fine pair of RP'ers. They can count as one vote, right?

Thomas Bosch - I will forever miss our little talks. Rest well.

Pleth and the rotating cast of the PubCrawl! Y'all are the best.

Deider and the Golden Legacy! Y'all are the best, just don't tell the PubCrawl Crew I said that.

Thomas Bosh, who was a remarkably well-played mage despite the huge extent to which I made fun of him to tease his player.

Thomas Bosh's monumental sense of self-importance, which I will miss very much and never quite be sure why.

Jake he's a quiet dude

Bronson is always surprised and asking questions. Interesting approaches.
Interesting melee

Thaylis, he is your right arm your left arm and everything in between. He even gives you a little smile. Excellent RP all the time, every time!

I have to shout out for the DM's and their characters and all they do *SHOUT*

Tor, cause well It's TOR!

When I see Fabello and Kassha together I always have to secretly giggle. Seriously in /w giggling.

Rade, if I see one more shaking bloodshot message, it might inspire me to be evil
I knew that was her jig all along.

Owen, he's such a charming suave fellow, ladies watch out. He's a heartbreaker!

Four, the only person I know that talks through a stick.

Marie, does she really want to be your friend or is there a twist?

Thomas Bosh, Julien Dark, and all the characters Naren played. You, sir, are missed!

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Re: November 2019 RPotM Results

Post by Olisa » Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:32 pm

Well Done everyone and a very sad farewell to Naren, whose complex characters forced us all to be better RPers.
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Re: November 2019 RPotM Results

Post by Jazz » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:45 pm

This is really nice, guys. A great hommage and a good read as well.

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Re: November 2019 RPotM Results

Post by Ambrosia » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:05 am

:umarmen: all

:sauf: to you, Naren

Hope your after life is as vivid as your imagination. If not, I hope they give you editing rights.

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