Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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From the time he was first able to wield a sword, Owen Alastaire-Alaster (commonly known as "Grunt") had always preferred a longsword as his weapon of choice. It was a strange twist of fortune, or lack thereof, that allowed him to purchase the sword that would later be forged into what he carries to this day: ShadowDawn.

The Rift was wide open in Ferrell, and attacks were occurring nightly. Each dusk brought about a new terror, and each dawning was considered a victory for those who had stood watch in the night. In among these heroes and heroines stood Owen, giving of himself in every battle just as the others did. One night, after a particularly fierce attack, Humphrey had been grievously injured while standing at his stall. The defenders helped him, and in thanks, he pulled some select items from his private stock and offered them at a discount (something unheard of to anyone who has ever seen his prices). The group stepped up and began haggling with Humphrey, each looking for something suitable with which to help defend Ferrell from further attacks.

A sword in the midst of the laid out wares caught Owen's eye. It seemed to glow with holy power, and was as sharp as could be. He inquired about the sword, and began to try to make a deal. Another person stepped in and offered the price that Humphrey wanted, and received the sword, much to the dismay of Owen. But all was not lost. There was a second sword, not as fine as the first, but a powerful looking sword made of a darkened steel. It was affordable, and after a bit of haggling, it was in the hands of Owen.

From that day on, the darksteel longsword was always at his side through each patrol and each battle. It went to the bottom of the Rift Temple with him to rescue his adopted daughter Laurelin, it cut the head from the vampire general of Se'Fassu's forces, Lar'Keston, in the Rift Closing, and it was held high when he fought on the rooftop of the AKN alongside other members, pushing back those lifeblighters of Se'Fassu who attacked it.

It was during the troubles at the AKN hall, and the subsequent curing of the disease that had infected the entire rooftop, that the staff of the AKN came up with a plan. They looked to reward those who had worked to save the hall and defended the lands around it, and for Owen's part they chose to reforge his sword.

While he was out of the shop fishing, Frida put the plan into action, taking the sword down from the stand he kept it on, and handing it off to Lamorak to bring to Elysia. There in the Champion's Keep, the sword was reforged to be even sharper and easier to swing. The negative energy on the sword had a layer of positive energy infused as well, allowing it to strike an enemy with both. The darkened steel had a golden trim forged around it, the name "ShadowDawn" along the blade, and a magical rune which translated to the gnomish phrase Fegall Faachze was etched into the hilt, as both a play on the nickname that Gurky Bogglewig had given his fellow Fegallian, and a power that Owen could call forth. By activating the rune, he would literally call down his nickname, The Hammer of Fegall, upon his foe.

By this time, Owen had returned to find his blade was gone. After getting the truth out of Frida, he went to the AKN to find his sword. Lamorak, completely drunk, apologized... but he had stored the items away somewhere in the Forest of Midnight when he got lost on the way back from the tavern. A short excursion was organized and FEAT made way to the Forest to return with the strongbox. The sword was then presented to Owen at the AKN hall by Fiona and Holly, with his friends in attendance.

Today, when Owen patrols the hills of Ferrell, or explores the many caverns beneath them, alone or with friends, the sword is there at his side. And if there is a call to fight, the bright white light that surrounds him when he draws the blade forth serves as a warning to enemies, and comfort to friends: Owen and ShadowDawn have arrived.

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