Eroohakeeshen’ath - The Longbow of Wrath

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Eroohakeeshen’ath - The Longbow of Wrath

Post by Rain&Clouds » Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:32 am

Eroohakeeshen’ath (The Longbow of Wrath) is one of the three holy weapons of Dru’El. It was created at the same time as Horaga'hooseh and Le'Athyed'Dru'El, the sacred longsword and hammer of Dru’El respectively. It’s origins and histories are intertwined with both of these mighty weapons, but it is a unique and fearsome weapon in it’s own right.

Eroohakeeshen’ath is a powerful Nanshi war bow, styled in a manner not seen since the final battle against the orcs in The Great War. The Nanshi Arcane Archers on that day long past used their skill and mighty longbows to decimate the ranks of the orcs and their allies in the opening phase of that epic battle.

Its design is ancient, and an inscription in ancient Nanshilae calls out its purpose, “To the hells with the enemies of Dru’El. May his wrath destroy the enemies of all that is pure.” Eroohakeeshen’ath is made of an unknown wood in a rich medium red with a golden hue. Its string has a metallic shine that seems to reflect different colors in sun and moonlight.

To pull Eroohakeeshen’ath is an archers dream. For the archer strong enough, the pull seems effortless and smooth throughout the entire arrow length. For others, there is a strain to bend a bow that is much stiffer than it would first appear. Upon release, arrows seem to leap from the string and fly with uncanny precision to the heart of a target. When used in combat, arrows from Eroohakeeshen’ath are often found driven clean through their targets with a force equal to small siege ballista. It is rumored that when used against the unholy enemies of Dru’El, arrows from Eroohakeeshen’ath can drop enemies in their tracks before they can even close with its wielder.

The origin of Eroohakeeshen’ath

During the time of the Great War, T'Nanshi commissioned a powerful weapon, a set of jewelry, to counter the spreading darkness of the Orc armies from the North. Priests blessed this enchanted jewelry with the powers of Dru'El, creating what was known as "Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash" or the Spirit Land's Holy Trio (or simply "The Triad"). However, a Nanshi sorceress of exceptional beauty stole Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash through deceit and murder. Intent on dominating the Underdark, this Nanshi female, known later as the "Demoness" or "The Mistress" twisted the Neshet'T'Manaenahat Loash into T'Karna Loash ("The Forsaken Three") for her dark purposes. Though many details of this story are obscure and well hidden, it is known that the Demoness was temporarily defeated and T'Karna Loash was separated and hidden throughout southern Avlis. Out of fear, all traces of T'Karna Loash were stripped from T'Nanshi's history.

2100 years passed. During the time of the war between T'Nanshi and M'chek, the jewelry was found by three followers of Dru'El, who carried a reputation for repeatedly finding their way into trouble. These mighty heroes were Thorfinn Hausselkiff, Celedor Dedwend and Nadrin Dy’Ner. Sensing that the artifacts had once again come together, the Demoness, with the help of an Ancient Amber dragon named Rhezoruntalizonious, and powerful Vasharan slaves, relentlessly pursued T'Karna Loash.

During this time of great peril, Nadrin Dy’Ner opposed the minions of the Mistress wielding his powerful composite longbow, supporting Celedor, Thorfinn and his other friends with volleys of arrows from the rear ranks. His bow had been found in the Little Falls area of the land of Ferrell, liberated from a cache of weapons held by a powerful bandit warlord.

On October 6th 2137, the "Day of Forging", a mysterious ghost elf with a pale green glow appeared and offered to assist the three friends in the form of remaking their weapons into items capable of opposing the Mistress and her slavish Vasharan followers. Nadrin was required to sacrifice his beloved composite longbow, one that had served him well during his many years of exploring Avlis and other planes... one where his essence would be well entwined within it to further serve Dru’El’s glory. Laid before him on an altar to Dru'El, the mysterious Nanshi spoke strange blessings and incantations over the longbow. It is said that as he spoke, the wood began to glow. As his strange incantations increased, the bow was eclipsed in light and a loud chanting hum, sending sparks and bright green lights streaming from the altar. A blinding bright emerald light, too strong to be seen with mortal eyes, filled the air and obliterated the bow. When the light faded and the witnesses could again open their eyes, on the glowing alter, was Eroohakeeshen’ath, Dru’El’s Longbow of Wrath.

The first use of Eroohakeeshen’ath was to help bring about the downfall and destruction of the near deified Demoness of the Underdark, her tortured servant-soul of Rhezoruntalizonious, a powerful necromantic dragon, and his brother Rhekulplelontalixinteronious, raised into undeath as a powerful dracolich. Thousands upon thousands of demons and undead creatures of the Demoness' army were pierced through their foul black hearts with feathered shafts driven by Eroohakeeshen’ath.

Since those dark days, Eroohakeeshen’ath has been wielded by Nadrin Dy’Ner in adventures the length and breadth of Avlis. He used it to good effect with the Sentinels during the great migration from M’Chek to Visimontium, to protect his friends during trips to the lowest pits of the Deep in Deglos, to the heights of the frost giant lands at the top of Visimontium. Countless undead, demons, giant-kin, mighty elementals, orc slavers and other enemies have felt the sting of arrows driven from The Longbow of Wrath.

To this day, Nadrin Dy’Ner continues to carry Eroohakeeshen’ath throughout the lands of Avlis. It is on his shoulder when drinking and celebrating with friends, and tightly gripped in his hands when facing his foes. Popular legend has it that when Le'Athyed'Dru'El, Horaga'hooseh and Eroohakeeshen'ath come together, wielded by the pure of heart, no enemy of Dru’El can stand against them.

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