Hirefya Lonovan - The Winter Leaf

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Hirefya Lonovan - The Winter Leaf

Post by Rain&Clouds » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:36 am

Hirefya Lonovan is this blade's nanshilae name and means "Winter Leaf" in common. It was made for the Meridan family as a reward from the Council of Nine for their long and unstinting military service.

It first became famous when wielded by Clarendil Meridan, who rose to the rank of Warmaster in the army of T'Nanshi before he was captured and killed by the being commonly known as the Gentleman. When proof of his death became known, the sword was passed to his younger brother, Quicksilver, a rangermaster in the TNanshi army at the time. Hirefya Lonovan did bloody work in the war between M'Chek and T'Nanshi, most often being used as a counterpart to a wicked rapier whose name is unknown, but was sold to Quicksilver by an elf named Celithril.

The blade itself is short, but slightly curved, and has a distinctive blue hilt. It glows with a cold white light and is freezing to the touch. Originally designed to slay goblins, it has now slain thousands of humans and giants.
The sight of this cold, white blade inspired terror in the soldiers of M'Chek, and hope in the elven warriors who saw it. It's wielder became a General in the war and was, towards the war's end, the commander of the Lonovanen'Hirefya, the elven special forces unit in the war. The battles that made the sword a legend include the Battle of Port Nireth, the Battle of the Hill and the Battle of Drotid's Pass (where Quicksilver and T'eindel Trethlawn charged the lines of the lizard folk, T'eindels great girth clearing a path for the slightly built battlemage to get through), as well as numerous bloody encounters with well known members of the Alpha Corps and some of the battles in the second Fey War. The sword has slain dragons and pit lords, liches, mages from the Ebony Order of the Moon and generals from the army of M'Chek... Some say that it glows now more red than white, and that some of the blood that stains it will never come off.

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