About the Weapons of Avlis

Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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About the Weapons of Avlis

Post by Orleron » Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:02 pm

This forum is a another monument as well as a historical record. It is a place where we keep information on the legendary weapons of Avlis. Every fantasy campaign setting has its legendary weapons that strike fear and wonder into the hearts of the citizenry. What weapons of that calibre exist on Avlis? There aren't many.

Here you will find out. You will be able to read their histories and their modern stories, and see how they and their wielders fit into the tapestry of this world.

To be qualified for an entry in the Avlis Weapons forum, you must have a weapon that has met the requirements below:

1) The weapon must be a floaty named item. A "Longsword +1" cannot be submitted because anyone can just go to a store and pick one up and write a story about it. The weapon must have a name like "Lehev'bah Evinan" (Blade of the Four Stones), or some other proper name in its floaty name.

2) The weapon must have a backstory. You can't submit a weapon that was just created somehow by a DM plot or a crafter two days ago, unless the DM gave you a weapon that already had a history with it.

3) The forum is all IC knowledge. These weapons are legendary and mostly everyone has heard of them, especially within the culture from which they came. A dwarven axe wielded by Fegall is going to be more known among dwarves than shaahesk, for example.

4) The weapon must be a real weapon. This means it must be wieldable in the weapons slot, and it must not be a wand, but it may be a mage staff. (The exception to being a usable weapon, is monk gloves, they qualify as weapons for monks.) Other items like clothing do not count as weapons. Perhaps one day there will be another forum for them.

How to submit your weapon:

1) If you meet the requirements, contact the forum moderator, AmusedApathy via PM.

2) Meet with moderator in game to show the item in person. This should preferably be done OOCly in the Start Tent of any server.

3) Write up your weapon's history. It can include the deeds you did with it plus the deeds that were done by the weapon before you owned it. Go as far back in history as you like. The farther the better, if you know how the weapon was created.

4) Submit your history to the moderator.

5) The moderator will post and edit the history.


edits: small edit, updated who to send PM too: Updated 2/27/12 to include mage staffs: Updated 4/12/12 to include monk gloves

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Re: About the Weapons of Avlis

Post by Moredo » Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:12 pm

Significant Owl is the new moderator for this forum. If you have a weapon that you feel qualifies, send him a PM with it.

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Re: About the Weapons of Avlis

Post by spool32 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:49 pm

AmusedApathy is now the moderator of the forum! PM your qualified weapons to her...

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