Sundering Comet

Descriptions of legendary weapons of ages past and present.

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Sundering Comet

Post by amusedapathy » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:24 am

In an age long ago, called the Age of Immortals, where men were granted near godhood, and heroes walked the land, a weapon was forged. A Morningstar that was to be the bane of all Undead.

At this time, other gods gifted worshipers or heroes with everlasting life. One god gifted a blacksmith with a weapon that would be truly immortal. The smith lived in Redgate, one of the Seven Cities, and was called Altorian. There are legends of the forging and tales of wonder describing its creation. Some say that it was forged in a small poor smithy and blue and yellow lights flared out into the night with each blow of the hammer or soaking of the metal. Others say it was forged and lowered into a deep fissure or well where it gained its powers.

The city had been under attack for many months by undead hordes created by some foul mages and clerics, but the weapon’s creation put an end to that. The Morningstar boasted a handle as black as night with a spiked head made of shimmering gold that glowed with almost a soothing light when wielded. Yet when used against Undead, it howled in fury and swung at such a speed that it appeared as a small comet, hurling at the undead until it bashed them to pieces, peeling back their black magic. And so, this is how Sundering Comet earned its name, wielded by a huge warrior whose name is lost to history: with Sundering Comet in hand he drove back the legions of Undead and lifted the siege.

With the Undead threat removed the weapon had no need and disappeared into history and from the prime plane all together. It is told that the weapon fell into the hands of a cruel Balor who used it to combat a necromantic foe in the Abyss. As the Balor gained more power in the Abyss he defeated his adversary, but that came at a cost. Ripples of the battle echoed to the Prime plane of Avlis where a Mage of greed, desired new minions of destruction and gold to build himself an army. Summoning forth the Balor, he then realized that he had gained an ally and a treasure, if only he could get the Balor to give him the Morningstar. After many vile deeds and gifts of blood, the Balor did as he was asked, and it was auctioned off at an amazing sum. The Mage and Balor both had what they wished and razed the lands and cities, but met their ends, while The Sundering Comet passed into other hands.

Prized for its history and beauty, it passed from lords, to kings, and to the wealthy, over the years, until it disappeared again... lost in history.

Then one day it fell into the hands of an elf. Why was he chosen? Raalok the Gold, an ancient dragon gifted it. It’s said that the old dragon cherished the weapon dearly and it has a spot of honor in his hoard. Yet there was this elf standing with a group of Keepers of the Cycle telling Raalok of their failure to destroy a Dracolich called Thanalos. Did the dragon think that aiding the Keepers of The Cycle with the weapon and other gifts would help insure that their next mission was more successful? Did Raalok know more about this elf other than that he was the Head of the Keepers? It is unclear, but The Sundering Comet was once more wielded by a mortal.

Ashanar Sekor, Head of the Keepers of the Cycle from the city of Redgate, left the dragon’s lair holding the weapon in awe and realizing that he now held a tool that would allow him to champion the Harpinger and the Keepers of the Cycle. He went forth into the world a different elf. Undead feared him, where in the past they thought of him as prey. A bond of some sort was forged between himself and the Morningstar as he did the work of the Keepers, righting the cycle when out of balance, and destroying Undead everywhere he went.

With the Sundering Comet at his side, he travels across the lands of Avlis, through the Underdark and to other planes, a bane to all Undeath. Wielding the weapon he gains some sort of protection from Undead, and the weapon seems to seek them out like the comet it’s named for. The weapon has been taken through the gates of Hel, to the depths of the seas of Arkaz. Wherever Undead hide, it has found them and did the work it was created for so very long ago.

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