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Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:15 am
by Plethora
Hey all !

With the passing of RPotM, one of the things I got a lot of feedback on was people do actually like being able to comment on other people's RP without necessarily putting their names on it.

So we bring you the the RPA !

Here you can use the magic comment button, that will go to the place we used to vote for RPotM, and at least once a week, I will check the account and post up comments for you anonymously, if that is what you prefer.

The rules are simple.

You can comment once, comment twice, 13 times if you like..
You can comment as often as you like, under any account
You can comment for anyone or anything. Roleplay, areas, DMs, systems. Anything you think is great.

We wanted to have this so people could go at the end of event, or after finding something cool, and just hit the button and have their say, for those that might be a bit more shy with their praise (we know you're out there! )

Role Player Anonymous!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:54 am
by Plethora
A big thumbs up for the originality and fun that bring a bard who is a master of puppet.

The Hash family, some of the funniest and unexpected RP so far!

As a longtime fan of Bronson's Journal, I was looking forward to encounter Bronson in game. When it finally happened, I was not disappointed. There is a consistency to this character that just sticks with you.

Karmic Flower, great moments every time you're around :D

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:14 pm
by Plethora
Many thanks to Ronan and all who participated in the Zvidureth Speed Dating event! Fun times!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:38 am
by Plethora
Eko, the bestest DOOMsinger! Always fun to hang with.

Gann Eider, I've missed this stinky bastard, good to have him back.

Kassha Firehart, who is always good for shenanigans and a laugh.

Uralla, solid and enjoyable.

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:39 am
by Plethora
Marie, still awesome, and what a tribute to a great NPC - excellent stuff. Sure she's not part bard?

Kassha, helping his minion become even more dangerizing, and some awesome RP while he's at it. Huzzah!

Rhys, ohh, how my character's opinion has gone through a total 180 after recent revelations, but... some great RP and drama! Look forward to more!

Also raves to super sekret groups with recent forum activities - always enjoy reading those! I could name them for the GLORY but then I've have to keel you.

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:58 am
by Plethora
My character's interactions with B cover the whole range from complete agreement to biggest contrast, and their dynamic is very interesting. I hope to see more of it in the future.

Kassha amplifies and encourages everything my character is up to and I love it.

Eko: dangerizer, AGENT of CHAOS and salesbird extraordinaire. Soon with goats!

Alinee: fount of snark under the right circumstances. It feels like there is a great story waiting here.

Drog: He takes unexpected sewing challenges in stride, now he just needs to work up the courage to admit he's the one who is curious instead of shifting the focus to others.

Everyone of you, players and DMs alike, who make the world feel alive and lived in: stay awesome.

A shout-out to the lot of currently active Angadarian PCs. Every time I run into one or more of them, it's an adventure (hey B, I prepared explosive runes today)!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 11:44 pm
by Plethora
Marie. The only person in the world that is an adverb. A Maria is gonna Marie.

B So dedicated to his dislike of pigeons that during a battle he will still s**t talk them and refuse their spells with few other casters available.

Amir Danolyan: I have never been able to encounter this player character in game. I just keep following their noticeboard participations. I cannot help myself. Amir is crack.

Marie: The unsung hero of M'Chek and many other lands. The best detective. The most staunch in her beliefs, never back down, faithful, lawful-- ...wait.

Nawen: If someone gets "range" right, that's Nawen. Fairy flutter one moment, nose-in-a-book Sage the next, the Lady of Drakehall. She also got "ranger" right. As in, she's got herself one alright.


Auryna Ak'hanrye: Reinventing herself constantly. Thank you for sharing (character journals, community news at Nature's Enchantments and more).

Rhys'lryn Si'Vidicuss: You know what? I got nothing. Nothing.

Grace Dane: For someone with such a long history In Game, Grace is in serious danger of becoming indispensable. But she is rarely predictable, alignment be damned. Can't wait to see what this one does next.

Kassha. Accept no substitute!

Mai a.k.a. Fehl. Competitive! But such bad luck with the capstan.

Ilomas Tahm'lieulia has whipped himself into shape and is going places!

Prahksu Vernum, an aging orc... on a boat. Such dedication when cleaning the cannons.

Rollek Heloc has made one of the best IC public posts I've seen in a while. Really well done. Shame he noped out on Penguintopia (yes that's totally a thing!)

Janur da'Medican: it's fun to reconnect with the past.

Kosjixen, so impressed by the giant dragon.

Deider of Pelar, aka how to add +20 to the DC for any communication check (I had fun)

Alinee Blake has firmly rooted herself in the Field of No More Fucks To Give.

Hearing Four say "thkeletonth" is an experience in itself.

Fignar Beln, amazing competence when he gets to act on the warrior part of drunk dwarf warrior!

Wax, another killer performance of "I like swords!"

Fellock, the most famous! Second bestest kenku! Devourer of snacks!

Rodrick Goodman: what do you do when 4 Confounders invade your Gorethite tower? You hold a sermon! And a good one too!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:53 pm
by Plethora
Lily, oh Lily. She is pure gold and I love every minute of the time I get to enjoy her company, especially while giving sermons!

Moriand deserves many raves for his awesome CTS class. It was great and he is a fantastic character.

Fellock - ever the nemesis, ever the fun guy to play with - or against. Lots of fun. Keep doing you and being awesome. Thank you for the good times and hearty laughs. Much appreciation for the greatness that is the eater of all the things. Though - we both know - not the best Kenku ever. <3 <3 <3

Ghakon Ironfinger - met him several times and I've always been impressed with him and his RP. Fear the Finger. For it brings awesomeness. And doom, naturally. I'm blown away by him being so great, for such a new addition to our community. Looking forward to a lot more from him in the future.

I've never seen the potential of a PC be maximized quite like Sterre has, and only they know how much that really is!

Illomas has certainly spread their wings in this last plot. They earned a pay raise!

Lily put on a wonderfully thought provoking sermon. 2020, the year of self-love!

Let it be on record that Janur is truly a gentleman and a scholar!

Rollek has been a stoic force and wields bureaucracy like a weapon!

Kosjixen, I can never tell if he is driven by a visceral curiosity to learn or if he is really just hungry. Always a pleasure to stick around and find out.

If "B" isn't short for "Bad@ss" then I'm stumped. It's like watching the Punisher grow wings. Guaranteed Summer blockbuster.

Props to Lilliana Beletane for telling it like it is.

Fellock may not be the comic relief we need, but he's the comic relief we deserve. Kudos!


Four continueth to be an abtholute treathure. May thhe never change.

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:54 pm
by Plethora
Rodrick Goodman. What more can be said besides the fact that he lives up to his family name! What a great guy!

Alaria has shown that Illomas is not the only one due for a bump in pay grade, if not some hazard pay! (Sorry Janur)

Lachlan and Garthond both get props for being as dwergen as can be!

Thorn Shadowstar makes the list because of a great first impression and I can't wait to run around with them more!

Auryna keeps rolling out with the arcs and this volume looks exciting!

Grace Dane, threw the best party ever and I wish I could have gotten to know them more!

Glorandrea, Kiranring, Mirkduil, and Sekor and all the folks at ACE get props for being wonderful and persistent teachers!

Crusher is the best psionic dwarf I've ever met! Nevermind that he's the only psionic dwarf I've ever met! :mrgreen:

Tycho is very much proving himself to be a great leader!

Marigold has to be the best cartographer Negaria has ever seen!

Go Naren, God of Performers! I'm sure I'm not the only thinking up a Narenite right now!

And of course a MASSIVE kudos to the team and the entire community for making this lock down suck a lot less!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:54 pm
by Plethora
Ilomas Tahm'lieulias. What a performance.

Kassha Firehart. He knows what he did.

Drogridoc Shadowviper, solid and quietly awesome.

Rollek Heloc for some interesting times during the Brekon plot.

Azga. What is he hiding underneath that stoic exterior and perfectly popped collar?

Raluca Istok, right about almost everything (except trees and white shoes).

Fellock! Bane of snacks and SO FAMOUS!

Fignar Beln, who makes people faint with his most charming smile.

A shoutout to Janur da'Medican, for pulling off a very believable "same person, but old".

Sammuel Valorian, having trouble to remember all these young people's names.

Ish! Errr... *runs away*

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:54 pm
by Plethora
If there is a real Warrior Maiden about the lands. Then her name is Glorandrea. She lives in a tree that has a tree in it and makes stuff and things for others but that only scrapes the surface. When she hears of trouble she is ready to stand by your side to protect, guide you through it, and battle against darkness with you.

Twiggy/Sam - oh man, the sessions I've had with him lately have been a blast. They are always thought provoking and fun. There are some interesting things that are coming out of our discussions too! I love it and look forward to more!

Gann/Dirigible - so nice to see him around and about recently, Gann is great. I hope we get to see more from him in the future!

Re: Role Players Anonymous

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 4:04 am
by RPotM
I just want to say that the experience of this game and getting to roleplay with everyone, the stories told, characters met and bonded with/explored, the events held by both player and DMs, the NPCs, the areas/settings that come to life with's just awesome!

I adore playing it, it is incredibly unique and awesome and I love it! From the good-hearted characters to the villains to everyone in between and the NPCs and DMs that make their lives just...a wild ride, thanks! I've never experienced something quite like it and that special-ness keeps me coming back, logging in, and seeing just what is going to happen.

Avlis is amazing because of you all! Keep on keeping on!