Auction: Wastelands Battleaxe

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Auction: Wastelands Battleaxe

Post by Vercongetorix » Sat Jul 08, 2006 7:24 pm

This is a special auction for you southerners. I am auctioning off two pieces of outstanding quality. I will consider trades as well as gold:

1. One Adamantium Chainshirt with a damage absorbing enchantment
2. Wastelands Battleaxe with an enchantment giving you extra strength and one for that Dagathite in your life which helps in battling the undead.

These items are currently in Kuras. I will accept reasonable bids or trades for either item, if none is made than I reserve the right to refuse sale. All purchases/trades are final. Please submit bids to Artros Forbeis in Ossania or Kuras ((pm me)).
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