Get Better Deals on Your Crafting Contracts

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Get Better Deals on Your Crafting Contracts

Post by TripleAught » Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:31 am

Fellow Citizens,

I have recently been speaking with Carmon, the blacksmith, and have been able to negotiate some decent contracts with him for armors.
I'm confident that the Dracon who fulfills weapon contracts could also be persuaded with some skillful negotiations.

However, as I am entirely untrained in making armors or weapons, I am willing to act as a negotiator, or business liaison, to our established and aspiring crafters.

As such, I am prepared to purchase handle your contract negotiations. For 10% higher than Carmon's or the Dracon's base price plus an incentive bonus of 10 to 30 gold pieces per piece crafted (incentive depends on contents of contract) I will negotiate the contract and then sell it to you. Your upfront cost will only be the difference between my price and the total contract. This convenience means you can craft as your schedule allows.

To keep from overwhelming our poor blacksmith, I will only be available to negotiate one contract every week ((2 days RL))
Please leave a note at the Imperial Gaurd barracks with what you are interested in crafting, the quantity and when you can be reached.

I look forward to increasing the supply of armor and weapons for the defense of our fiefs.

On a similar note, I have occasionally been able to talk Malgor down on his iron prices. This is more rare, as he is a stubbron dwarf, but if you are interested, and I have time, I can also handle this negotiation for you. Please have your own bags and shovel for the amount of ore you are purchasing.


James va'Kurane IV
Trainee of the Watch
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