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Please welcome Durenunde to the Avlis Team!

Our newest Minor DM/Area Designer lives in the Brittish Isles and has been a great player and personality on Avlis for a little while now. This makes our second DM over in Europe, and that should make it a lot easier for our non-North/South American brethren to find a DM-run quest. Welcome Durenunde!

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The City of Elysia is UP permanently!

Weeks ago, we had to take down the Elysia server because of hardware problems, but now we've put a second machine to work and Elysia is UP! Admittedly, the city itself is in its infancy, and it is a bit rough around the edges, but we are putting it up anyway in order to get player feedback. So go on in and play and see what you can find. There i [

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Avlis is acquiring new hardware!

One of the ideas that the players have put forth on several occasions is to get some higher powered server hardware.

By request, the avlis team has started taking donations for this. If you look on the main page of blackdagger at http://www.blackdagger.com, you will see two new links.

The first link is called "Details". It gives you a description of [

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