Melonius Mennallin

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Melonius Mennallin

Post by Hylia » Thu Dec 09, 2004 6:05 pm

Melonius Mennallin was born in the winter of 2046 to a family of merchant just north of Mayer's pass in M'Chek as the only child. Father Uriath, and mother Rhen brought him to various different marketplaces through out Avlis when they're doing business. One day, when Melonius was six years old, on the trip back from Zvidureth, they came upon an unconscious female elf on the side of the road. Although still breathing, she was hanging on to her life by a thread. They took her home, and brought her back to life. As later they found out, Godien's family had been killed in a recent raid by human bandits that destroyed her village. Uriath and Rhen took Godien into their family, and Melonius and Godien grew up as brother and sister. Until one day, Godien left without a trace. Melonius, at the age of sixteen, left his home to Mikona in search of Godien. This began his adult life.

On the way to Mikona, as he was resting near Mikona, a mysterious half elf came up to him and asked for food. Melonius shared some of his meal with this half elf, and they struck up a conversation. During this conversation, Melonius shared his desire to become a wizard, something that Godien really thought highly of. Out of gratitude, this half elf began to teach Melonius the art of arcane. By the time he arrived at Mikona, he had mastered a couple of spells. Thus began his journey to become a wizard.

His life in Mikona in the early years wasn't without troubles. He fought the Sereg'wethrin a number of times, not only in Mikona, but also in the northern part of M'Chek. One such occasion in the summer of 2066, while traveling with good friend, Peregryne Twostep and a child prodigy, Sammy Valorien, the Sereg'wethrin, out of nowhere, began to attack the human soldiers. Melonius, along with Peregryne and Sammy, tried to fight off the Sereg'wethrin, while doing this, Melonius discovered a weakness to the Sereg'wethrin. He found out that these beasts were weak against Necromantic magic, thus, together with Peregryne and Sammy, they used Necromantic magic to down a large number of them, including several Nwalamaers. Melonius continued to fight these to this date, and has a hand in protecting various cities from Sereg'wethrin onslaught.

His life as a wizard took an interesting turn in the spring of 2072. On a stormy night at his abode in Twin Falls, in Eastern M'Chek, a white hair elderly man came knocking at his door. He told Melonius the story of Andrinor's Ascension and the aftermath, and convinced him to establish a new mage order, Ivory Order of the Sun. He agreed to do so, and held this position until summer of 2087, leading Ivory through the Vortex of Chaos hunt.

It was during the month of June, 2087, that he was summoned by Andrinor, the god of mortal magic, to become his vassal in the prime material realm. Melonius agreed to serve Andrinor and dedicate his work to Andrinor for the rest of his mortal life. In return, Andrinor blessed him with the ability to converse with his god through meditation. It is with this ability that Melonius used to convene the first High Mage Council of Avlis, a ruling entity of the Trust of Andrinor, and still serve as the Moderator of the High Mage Council to this date.

Melonius did not stop there. In his service to Andrinor, he first guided the council to build the Academy of Mortal Magic, situated in South Central Deglos, in order to educate the populace on Mortal Magic as well as the philosophy of Andrinor. But Melonius wanted to do more for Andrinor.

Using his resources as the founder of Mennallin Enterprises, he financed the construction of various buildings throughout Avlis. Through these endeavors, he built up enough wealth to give it all back to Andrinor. For Andrinor, Melonius built four branches of Academy of Mortal Magic, in Kitanaya Hills, Elysia, LeOr, and Mikona.

Finally, on June 18th, in the summer of 2129, at the age of 83, within the walls of Elysia, and during the party at Merchant's Rest inn that he's the co-owner of, Melonius struck a deal of the ages with the High Guildhall Convention of Deglos. For the sum of 60 million gold, Melonius purchased a mountaintop in Northern Deglos, near the peak of Mount Crescetoria, and signed a construction contract with the gnomes to build a city for Andrinor. The city's name is Visimontium, Urbi Andrinoram Fidem. This city is to house the followers of Andrinor, and the Trust. As the name of the city means in common, Wismount, City of Andrinor's Trust.

Melonius dedicated his life to Andrinor, but it doesn't mean that he didn't enjoy life itself. Melonius married Mari Briggs on June 22nd, 2084. And has twin sons, Theo and Trey, who were born on August 6th, 2094.