Sprucing up ye olde NWN

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Re: Sprucing up ye olde NWN

Post by Gorgon » Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:48 pm

The BioWare rural trees override needed a tweak to the link, but the others in my redone list above still work.

Anything else you can find would be great though. :)
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Sprucing up ye olde NWN | Modifying nwn.ini and nwnplayer.ini | ~Avlis Theme Song~ The only thing that matters

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Re: Sprucing up ye olde NWN

Post by Sarmanos » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:26 pm

All of the links in the initial post are now pointing to their locations on the new Vault! Be sure to override responsibly if you choose to. Also thanks to Gorgon for doing a lot of that work too, not sure how I missed that.
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Re: Sprucing up ye olde NWN

Post by Plethora » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:57 am

Thanks to you both! <[8)
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